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Readers comment on Wednesday news story, “Texas abortions down 13 percent since law changed,” on

All right! What great news! That’s 13 percent fewer murders in Texas. Hallelujah! Paul King

And more women suffering medically and economically. Nancy Swartz

There’s already been articles written commenting on the dire straits of border communities. Lots of women are doing “something” at home, and record numbers of “miscarriages” are coming in ERs. Rachel KG Miller

The target should be Texas abortions down to zero — down 100 percent. Fred Bailey

You should know that based on history a number like that is completely ridiculous and unrealistic. The official numbers may be 100 percent, but the hundreds or thousands of women seeking abortions in back alleys or trying to do it themselves will increase, just as it was in the olden days when abortion was illegal. Anne Kachelhoffer

No law is going to completely stop abhorrent behavior. I simply do not wish to sanction such behavior, nor legitimize it by making it “legal.” Fred Bailey