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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued an ozone warning for Dallas-Fort Worth on Friday. How does North Texas air quality compare with other places you’ve been or how you remember it from recent years?

I live west of the Metroplex. I am looking to the east as I write this and can see the line in the sky where it fades to blue. Tom Smusz

Just take off from the airport on a clear day. You can’t miss seeing the layer of nastiness between the blue sky and the ground. Pat Perkins

When I was a boy in Fort Worth, we cared about air quality and about controlling pollution. Then Texas became conservative. Now we deny that there is a pollution problem. Mark Metcalf

Add global warming to the list. Scott Hernandez

I realized last year ozone days actually hurt your lungs. Getting older and ozone days combined will make you feel it. David Law

Air in DFW has been getting better for 40 years, but the EPA standards change on bureaucratic whim, allowing them to issue these ominous warnings. Warren Norred

I think it is improving too, but believe it is because of demanding EPA standards. Jim Atkinson