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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): The conservative Koch brothers of Wichita, Kan., have donated $25 million to the United Negro College Fund, which supports historically black universities. As a result, one powerful union has withdrawn its support from UNCF. Should the college fund keep money from the brothers, who usually back issues considered contrary to black and liberal causes?

I’m sorry. What is a “black” issue? Are there “white” issues? It’s becoming very clear who the racists are, and it’s not the Koch brothers. Lesley Hensell


Give it back. Are they being put in the Kochs’ pocket too? Mary Ellis Cates

Since none of the conservative candidates the Kochs give money to give it back, neither should the United Negro College Fund. David Perkins

No, it’s just a PR tactic. Money can fix anything, right? John MacFarlane

This family did not become among the wealthiest in the world by giving anything away without strings attached. Tom Smusz

I would not accept Koch money, it is tainted. Susan Winters

Why not take the money and use it to educate our kids on how to strategize against the causes these conservative groups propose? And to teach them to do it without denigrating our own people. Myrtis McAlister Parker

So the question is, are there stipulations to this money? For example, is it to only be used to support scholarships in certain educational fields? If it is going to the Fund, at least the Kochs theoretically have less control over how it is used. Claire Wood

MLK would not have wanted people to get scholarships because of the color of their skin. Clay Smith

With all due respect, Dr. King would never support much of anything the Koch brothers stand for. They are simply trying to convince African-Americans to vote Republican. It will not work. Tony Williams

I have been listening to liberals whine for years about the “evil Koch brothers” and how they should be doing things besides supporting conservative causes. So they donate money to a liberal cause, and you liberals go nuts! You just can’t be happy. Joseph