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Letters: Happy memories; redefining a scandal; they are only children

Happy memories

Robert Preston was not one of my favorite actors. He did, however, become one of those responsible for the popular exercise routine, “Go, you chicken fat, go!”

This routine was performed in my physical education classes for several years. (See: “Go, you ‘chicken fat’ song memories, go!” July 14)

Unlike the individual who describes this means of appropriate exercise as one causing nausea, I found my students having fun and enjoying it. We also sang along with Preston.

It is a pity one teacher was described in the article as “weighing about 400 pounds and sitting in a chair” while students exercised. How about those instructors who gave a darn?

Just another knock on the ol’ gym teacher who is serious when it comes to helping young people realize the importance of good health through good, rigorous exercises.

When I first saw the commercial and heard, “Go, you chicken fat, go!” I smiled and joined in with the singing. It brought back many happy memories.

I also thought how I hoped former Crowley school district students felt the same, and that a big smile had spread across their faces when this summer commercial came on.

— Nina Farris, Fort Worth

Redefining a scandal

Regarding Mark Bauer’s July 19 letter entitled “Defining a scandal,” the greatest scandal I observed is the writer’s ignorance of the word.

The online Merriam-Webster Dictionary gives seven definitions of scandal, and my Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary gives five, none of which fall within the context of Bauer’s subject or his statement “a scandal involves breaking the law.”

Every instance of the Obama regime’s foul-ups cited by Bauer — the IRS fiasco, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and let’s add the border immigration situation, our lack of foreign policy and Obamacare — all fall within the recognized definitions of scandal.

— H.H. Rhode, Fort Worth

They are only children

One of the first songs the two of us ever learned was Jesus Loves the Little Children.

We are not alone. To see our fellow Christian brothers and sisters protesting the temporary placement (and care) of God’s children is sad and disheartening.

We are so fortunate to be born into the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world.

Dear friends: We can handle this. The children are just children. They are not terrorists, nor are they infected with incurable diseases.

— Jim and Bonnie Hardy, Arlington

Hurting women

If Planned Parenthood truly cared for pregnant women, then it would not offer abortion services (see: “Planned Parenthood plans $3 million Texas campaign,” July 21).

A pregnant woman is a mother even if she decides to end her pregnancy.

The truth is the truth even if you choose not to believe it.

Abortion hurts women.

— Deborah Fleischmann,

Fort Worth

Strategy needed

A Keller ISD budget strategy is needed, but a July 16 article only discussed new $3.9 million spending for security (“KISD adopts budget strategy”).

The article did not mention Keller’s existing debt nor its plan for more debt.

The existing debt is $1.15 billion (with a “B”) according to our state’s Texas Bond Review Board — highest ISD debt in Tarrant County.

Further, a Dec. 23 report quoted officials that a November 2014 bond package would be about $143 million.

This bond would be piled on top of existing debt.

A proposed $3.9 million for security may be good, but it pales in comparison.

What is the Keller school district’s budget strategy for reducing its debt?

— Rich and Bonnie Nelson, Keller

Out of service

I understand that our immigration system is broken.

How would we know?

We haven’t used it in decades.

— Michael Bruner, Weatherford


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