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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): The Fort Worth Public Art Commission wants to set aside $1.66 million from its allocation in the 2014 bond program to help pay for a single piece of iconic artwork instead of several smaller projects. What sort of art would you like to see, and where would it be placed?

One great work of art over several mediocre pieces is always the best decision. That’s why you didn’t find the Mona Lisa in your last hotel room. David Hallum

Public art is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Lesley Hensell Demond

Based on $2.50 per day for simple nutritional foods, $1.66 million dollars would feed 10,000 people for over two months. David Diercks

I like public art that is interactive. Perhaps a musical instrument that people walking past can stop and play. As for where, I would say put it along the river somewhere. Timothy Fish

It would be awesome to see something that not only celebrates the area history, but also the future. Maybe an interactive display or one that can be functional for relaxation as well. Albert Nungaray

Using that kind of money to tear down one of the thousands of eyesores would help beautify the city much more than a piece of art. Brandon Burke

Just consider Chicago, they spent a good sum of money on Art and it attracts tourists. Plus they have great public transportation, both of which Fort Worth needs. Gerald Villarreal

It’ll probably wind up where the money is. That is downtown in Sundance Square, or the arts district. $1.6 million sounds like a lot, but considering the prices contemporary art fetches, not so much. Paul Moore