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Letters: Snubbing Arlington; 30 years of service; proven candidate

Why was the city of Arlington snubbed and the “North Texas” moniker substituted?

The citizens of Arlington paid a tax to have the stadium built in their city and deserve to be recognized as the home of the 2014 Final Four.

Should we refer to the AT&T Stadium as the North Texas Stadium instead of AT&T?

And some announcers said the Final Four was in Dallas!

That’s not even in the same county!

It’s Arlington in Tarrant County! Pleeeaaase!

— Bonnie J. Emerson, Fort Worth

Thirty years of service

Duff O’Dell is the best choice by far for Grapevine City Council Place 6.

With the unmatched experience of more than 30 years of civic involvement, Duff has earned a well-recognized reputation for strong business management, clear communication, sound financial planning and trustworthiness.

This sterling reputation has made her a must-have member of virtually every organization in town. For years, community leaders have long sought after and asked for her leadership.

Indeed, when civic and business leaders, elected officials and nonprofit organizations discuss who they most want to have on their board of directors, capital campaign committee or special project, Duff’s name is always at the top of the list.

Duff is simply one of the hardest working, best-liked and most active community leaders.

With her deep community knowledge, she is also the most experienced candidate running and will be a tremendous asset.

— Ross and Tami Bannister, Grapevine

Protecting seniors

We need Congress to protect Medicare Advantage instead of imposing cuts like it did four years ago. It does not make sense that the federal government keeps wasting money on senseless things then wants to slash funding for a quality program for senior citizens.

Seniors need access to healthcare coverage. My wife and I have a plan through Medicare Advantage and even with this coverage the costs of medical care and prescriptions are out of hand. Even the generic medication costs $120.

This is a lot for someone on a fixed income, especially considering the fact that Social Security goes up a minuscule amount and doesn’t come close to matching cost-of-living increases. If prices keep rising, we will have to cut back on going to the doctor, which could endanger our health.

Until my retirement at 70, I worked and contributed to Social Security and Medicare so that my wife and I could have access to the medical care we need to remain healthy.

Congress must stop gutting this excellent program that so many seniors rely on, and instead they should increase its funding.

— Thomas and Barbara Wood, Bedford

Where are the women?

Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight men’s basketball has been on the front page of the sports section in the Star-Telegram.

Is there a reason why women’s Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight basketball does not get equal treatment?

Jean C. Tidwell, Fort Worth

Proven candidate

In Southlake City Council Place 6, Virginia Muzyka has previously served as a council member and mayor pro tem and participates actively with numerous other community organizations.

She listens to residents’ concerns and is reliable and diligent.

Virginia was serving as a council member in 2007 when a small subdivision of 42 homes on approximately six acres was proposed by a local builder.

A number of residents appeared before council to protest the introduction of high-density housing.

Virginia voted to deny this high density and voted yes to implement an ordinance that prohibited the introduction of high density on any “T2” zoned area of our city.

She has a proven track record of being honest, voting always to improve and protect the wonderful planning of our city, and working well with our residents, CISD and our business community.

— Suzanne Maisto, Southlake

Haven’t heard everything

I was reading a small article in Thursday’s paper, “Honduran migrants seek Mexico’s help.”

The article tells of about a dozen migrants coming from Honduras who were crossing into Mexico.

They were attacked by drug gang members who stole their money, beat them and threw some off the train, resulting in lost limbs.

They are now asking Mexico to protect them from these gangs and contribute money for their care.

They are now hoping that Mexico will agree to allow them transit visas or free passage without documents to cross the country, on their way to the U.S.

I thought I had heard everything!

The Hondurans are not making it a secret that they are coming to cross our borders.

— Nelda Thompson, Colleyville

Hunting hazards

To all the haters of the rhino hunt, you have local hunts to be aware of that are much worse.

Some deer leases are telling hunters to shoot all the bobcats because they threaten the turkey nests.

The threats to the turkey nests are the hunters, their loud partying and dogs.

We share 98 percent of our DNA with bobcats, and they see you before you see them.

— Rebecca C. Denmon, Arlington


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