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Readers comment on Friday’s news story, “Sebelius quits as health and human services secretary,” on

No more lies from a puppet. Roger Voss

Thank you for your service, Ms. Sibelius. Obama should give you a medal for putting up with Republicans and Teabaggers. Bill Davis

Sebelius should have been fired by Obama. And at one time he was considering her as his vice president.

Robert Harris

For the Obamacare website’s $634 million price tag (other reports, like a Bloomberg Government analysis, say it now tops $1 billion), how many Americans would have been insured if each one were given $2 million to purchase their own health insurance? I’d bet nearly every single one. Karen Marie

She is a political sacrifice. Nothing will change in reference to how the law is being changed on the fly without Congress. Jeffery Turner

The fact that she wasn’t fired shows there is no accountability in the bureaucracy. Herman Torres