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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Board): The State Board of Education has voted to invite publishers to submit instructional materials for high school elective courses in Mexican-American studies, African-American studies, American Indian studies and Asian-American studies. Would these courses tap student interest or steer schools in the wrong direction?

As long as “American Studies” is required, these other studies could be elective. Just keep the Common Core indoctrination out of all subjects and don’t try to change history. Carol Walthall Fine

I think it should be Latin-American studies, not just Mexican. We are not all Mexican. And in the African-American studies, maybe they can teach the truth about the word African-American. This country has twisted this word around. JC


Fantastic idea. Student interest and teacher enthusiasm is the key to effective instruction. Michelle Henk

How about just teaching the basics? Electives are fine, but it gets to the point that the mission of education is lost in the shuffle of trying to provide something for everyone. And it costs more money to add these classes. Richard Miller

Oh, I think it is a great idea to include so many. And why not? If the right wingers can push Bible classes in public schools, then I see no reason not to expand the elective options that could really benefit the kids. Susan Winters

Teaching mandatory racism, that’s a perfect way to bring out the racists in all of us. It will be biased I’m sure. Brett Matthew

If American history offered in high school was properly balanced, all this other would not be an issue. Bill Stone

I taught all those courses 30 years ago. Humans never seem to learn from the past. It seems like each generation has a deep need to recreate their reality. James Farmer