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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): The Senate finally passed a bill to extend federal unemployment benefits for about 2.8 million people who lost their jobs and have exhausted their state unemployment insurance. Should the House pass this bill or have those unemployed individuals already received enough government aid?

I’m not necessarily opposed to the government giving these people additional money, but those who receive it should be required to do some form of work in national parks, schools, government facilities or for some charitable organization. Timothy Fish

People are so worried about someone getting something they aren’t, they fail to consider what a boost to the economy this would be. It’s good for everyone. Katie Martinez

I think it depends on whether they can show they have been actively seeking employment or not. I spent some time on unemployment in Memphis and they never once asked to see any proof that I was job hunting in over 10 months. Jeff Dunlop

On a personal note I have never met anyone who would rather collect unemployment than work, especially in my line of work. To address your specific question: Yes, I think the House should pass the bill. Beyond that making a sincere effort to improve the job problem would be an even better thing. Tyrees Allen

Pay the people! Too many out-of-work folks are struggling. FDR would have understood this in a heartbeat. Ellen Sweets

FDR did understand. That’s why he set up the initiatives. The notion that out-of-work people are struggling is nothing new. It’s been around forever. This is extending benefits already in place. And I’m not sure why they’re called benefits when you’re not working to receive them. It’s charity. Scott


By shipping decent jobs overseas, we have rendered millions of Americans permanently unemployed or underemployed. Each year we produce hundreds of thousands of college graduates for whom there are no jobs commensurate with their training. Michael Phillips