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Letters: More help for vets; Farco is servant leader; liberal intolerance

Friday’s editorial, “Fort Hood tragedy raises questions,” does precisely that, and they need to be answered.

Service in our armed forces is a dangerous occupation, what with the suicide rates and the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder and its ramifications to our soldiers.

Shuffling them around from base to base and redeployment exacerbates any mental problems our volunteers to service have suffered.

There needs to be more than a cursory litmus test before allowing enlistment, as evidence shows one in five military likely have some form of prior mental health treatment.

The government needs to fix this problem, do comprehensive mental evaluations and carefully monitor those on psych medications for adverse reactions, especially with multiple meds.

End the lackadaisical protocol at hand and serve our military men and women. They sacrifice for our freedom; we can surely sacrifice time and treatment for them.

— Fred Ream, Fort Worth

Farco is servant leader

I met Steve Farco 15 years ago when he, as chairman of the HEB Teen Court board, began mentoring my daughter, Christy, who became a Teen Court attorney.

Because of the volunteer hours he dedicated on the board, my daughter is now “paying it forward” as an active community volunteer.

Steve is a servant leader who has quietly, behind the scenes, positively impacted many people and businesses in the Bedford community.

He has played a key role in assisting businesses impacted by highway construction.

As a city councilman, Steve will continue to put the needs of others first and always make decisions based on the best interest of the citizens of Bedford.

— Debra McDaniels, Bedford

Liberal intolerance

Brendan Eich has resigned as CEO of Mozilla under intense pressure related to his $1,000 contribution six years ago supporting a California proposition stating that marriage is between a man and a woman.

The Constitution guarantees all Americans the right to free speech, but apparently Mozilla only allows speech with which it agrees.

Liberals preach about equal rights unless those rights offend their thinking.

Next thing you know they will fire everyone who votes the “wrong” way.

Americans have fought and died for the right of people to speak their piece.

We should all abhor hate speech, but actions of this sort are also abhorrent.

— Rick Weintraub, Arlington

Credibility concerns

Once again President Obama goes on TV after the Fort Hood shooting to assure us that “we will get to the bottom of this and find out exactly what happened.”

Obama no longer has any credibility or believability on anything as far as I am concerned.

His administration is the least forthcoming and honest group of people in my lifetime. He refuses to hold anyone accountable.

Someone may get to the bottom of what happened, but it won’t be the Obama administration.

— Dave Waldrop, Hurst

Convoluted tax code

Why is the IRS tax code so convoluted and complex, and what is it supposed to accomplish?

Simply, a 10 percent sales tax would be more fair and efficient.

The IRS was established by an amendment to the Constitution in 1913 and for the first few years the middle class paid little or no federal taxes.

But today anyone productive (and not politically connected) pays one-third to one-half of all their hard-earned treasure. This is approximately what serfs paid the owners of the land they farmed in the Middle Ages!

There was no federal income tax in the U.S. between 1776 and 1913 because a much smaller government survived on a few tariffs and fees.

— Bruce Ferguson, Fort Worth


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