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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): Fort Worth City Councilman Danny Scarth says game rooms offering illegal payouts from gambling machines can draw criminal activity and should be more closely regulated by the city. Would that sort of regulation be worth the investment of tax money, or should gambling machines at these locations be made legal?

Since we don’t have the manpower to police every business who offers gaming, legalize it and get the money at least. It’s time to quit being naive about such things. They’re here and they’re gonna stay. Robert C. Rangel

How about letting the citizens of Texas vote to make gambling legal? Why is it so hard to exercise democracy? Angelo Peña

If the payouts are already illegal, then they are drawing criminal activity. I am not a fan of gambling, not from any moral standpoint, but rather because it tends to feed on those least likely to benefit from it. Susan Taylor Eurto

They just want more tax money and can’t figure out how to get it until they legalize it. Then you won’t hear nothing about attracting wrong kind of anything. Bobby Smith

I think the people who play those kind of machines are usually the same people who are unable to afford playing them in the first place. In that sense, it’s not a victimless crime. But, someone said, the poor you’ll have with you always. Paul Moore

Seems to me if these game rooms are offering illegal payout, they aren’t drawing criminal activity, they are the criminal activity. It’s like anything else — make the punishment so severe it’s not worth the risk. Tim Mercer

Make them legal. Why should our neighboring states rake in all the money from these same machines. Criminal activity is everywhere but mostly in drugs and selling sex.

GloriaAnn McDuff