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Letters: Nuclear waste in Texas; healthcare enrollment; guns on military bases

Leo Vroman and Paul Boller were truly giants among us.

I was indeed impressed with Vroman’s life story and regret that I never knew him. On the other hand, I did know Dr. Boller as my SMU history professor in the 1950s.

As a sophomore I took his History of Ideas in America course, a joint history-English credit class for two semesters.

Each week’s assignment had several readings from foundational U.S. literature, and a weekly essay test was based on those readings.

The things I learned under his guidance helped determine who I became as an adult: teacher, writer, council member, environmental advocate.

May memories of, and seeds planted by, these two men continue to nurture generations to come.

— Julia Burgen, Arlington

Nuclear waste in Texas

The editorial “Nuclear waste move not ideal but necessary” (April 2) never mentioned the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository.

This cost the taxpayers billions of dollars to build, but never opened.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office stated it was closed for “political reasons.”

The reason is Harry Reid did not want it in Nevada.

Now it is coming to Texas because Obama does not like Texas.

— Eugene Ross, Granbury

Obamacare enrollment

Some news networks spent the last few days doubting and belittling Obamacare’s apparent success in enrolling more than 7 million Americans who had no health insurance, poor coverage or high rates.

The independent Congressional Budget Office estimates that an additional 3 million young Americans have been able to keep insurance under their parents’ policies.

I just cannot believe anyone would object to a new law, regardless of origin, that will save lives and improve the health of more than 10 million fellow Americans.

Have we degenerated to the point where we have no compassion for our fellow men, women and children?

— Dennis Tilly, Weatherford

Guns on military bases

Dick Collier’s Saturday editorial cartoon didn’t make much sense. He called Fort Hood “another American battlefield.”

On a battlefield, both sides have firearms. On an American military base, only murderers and military police have firearms.

It’s a shame that our military must live under the gun control axiom: When seconds count, help is only minutes away.

— John Flenniken, Willow Park

Breath vs. heartbeat

In her March 12 letter, Rowena Montgomery wrote: “A fetus does not become a living soul or person until it breathes. An unborn child is a potential person.”

If so, and I being a simple layman, I ask: Why does the fetus have a heartbeat?

— George J. Anthony, Fort Worth

Artistic talents

The Star-Telegram’s Saturday sampling of portraits painted by “the artist known as W.” makes me wish that he had realized his artistic ambitions much earlier in life.

— Guelma B. Hopkins,

Fort Worth


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