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Readers comment on Bob Ray Sanders’ Wednesday column, “Healthcare plan is working despite the efforts by the Obama haters,” on

Still waiting on Obama to release how many uninsured signed up and how many paid. I hate this plan no matter whose name is on it. People lost their insurance and jobs over this bloated, expensive grab for power. Roger Voss

Bob Ray, you are nothing if not consistent. If your party rolled out the Wright Flyer today you would be the first to tout it as a huge success. People should worry less about the effects of 16-ounce sodas and be more concerned with Kool-Aid. Tony DeVito

The truth is, carriers that issue policies in ACA exchanges are now guaranteed profits by taxpayers. If losses are too high, they can pull funds from taxpayers, period. Do you think that mechanism may warp insurance markets? Like T-Bills do in money markets? Gerald F. Noonan

If it was up to us (Democrats) there would have been a single payer and insurance companies wouldn’t even be an issue. The truth is that in other countries they are making it work. Lisa Hornsby

Gee, yet another diatribe by Sanders about how people “hate” the poor president. This from a member of the same media that did so much to foment the hatred of the last resident of the White House. It is the policies of Obama that so many “hate,” to use your word. As to the man, many of us are indifferent at best. Frank Roso

Maybe 7.1 million signed up, but how many of those have actually paid? Shouldn’t that be the actual number? Karen Marie