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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): Mary Barra, the new CEO of General Motors, has offered an apology for delays in recalling vehicles with faulty ignition switches that led to accidents and deaths, saying that is not how the “new GM” does business today. Do you believe she can or will change the culture of this corporate giant?

I’ll believe her when she cuts her salary and refuses all bonuses offered. That will show that she is serious about making changes. Pat Perkins

I believe it will be impossible for her or anyone to change the corporate culture. Danny Barnes

Off to a rocky start. I think she will resign knowing the company threw her under the bus. She did not handle herself well under fire from the subcommittee hearing. We will see how she proceeds and if she will be allowed to force her company to do the right thing. Vernell Jessie

She might scratch the surface, but the corporate culture needs a new model. As far as the auto industry, I like what I see with Tesla, and if it’s being done for the right reasons — environment and fuel alternative — then others should sit up and take note. Joyce King

In a word — NO.

David Owens

In our current corporate culture, women are being set up to fail. GM’s real bosses are the men on the board of directors. Mary Barra is merely the public figurehead. Ma Barker or the Virgin Mary would fare no better, however. Duardo Paz-Martinez