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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): A report by the Senate Intelligence Committee says the CIA misled the government and the public about its interrogation program by downplaying the extent of the brutality, overstating the threat of plots and taking credit for info from detainees which had been given before they were tortured. Is this what you expected, or does it shake your confidence in the CIA?

Amendment VIII of the U.S. Bill of Rights expressly forbids “cruel and unusual punishments.” Remember this is the same agency that assured us that WMDs were a “slam dunk” in Iraq. Michael Hathoot

These kinds of accusations are brought about by people who care more about the “rights” of terrorists than the security of our country. David Hallum

These are not accusations, they are the result of an investigation by a Senate Intelligence Committee. Katie Martinez

Torture is a terrible thing to do to another human being, period. Rachel Engel

I hope those who defend our government’s use of torture are prepared for their sons and daughters to be treated the same way if captured by a foreign country. I guess as long as it’s not you, David Hallum, anything goes. Carol Maddox

I say get the information in whatever manner we must. If it saves the life of just one American, it was worth it. Gerald Mercer

There is zero evidence waterboarding is an effective interrogation method. Bill Sawey

The CIA has been misleading the Congress and the people since Allen Dulles was in charge. Nothing has changed. Nancy Easley Strickland