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Letters: Qualifying credentials; same-sex marriages; to whom do we pray?

Letter writer Jim Pitts asserts that as a “female Hispanic Republican,” County Clerk Mary Louise Garcia is “a pioneering example of the new diversity in American politics.”

Are Garcia’s major qualifying attributes merely her birth, or party choice?

Let the candidate speak only to the demands of the office and the fit of earned credentials thereto, and rise above superficialities, thus the public is served.

— B.R. Hamlin, Fort Worth

Same-sex marriages

If we are willing to change the law to license same-sex relationships, which is against the law of the state, God, nature and man, we should do away with all licenses: doctors, engineers, barbers, etc.

Desire is what makes a license valid, not qualification.

As our federal judges are (not) interpreting the 14th Amendment, we are obligated to give a license to the prostitute who wishes to engage in sexual activity. We are violating their equal rights.

I don’t think our forefathers could envision just how warped our thinking has become.

— G.W. McDowell,

Fort Worth

To whom do we pray?

Regarding Sunday’s article, “Praying for rain in Mineral Wells.”

To whom shall we pray? The Supreme Court? Can President Obama give us rain?

He is intent on giving us everything else — on credit, of course.

Perhaps our worthless Congress, just as soon as they get done with filling their campaign war chest, could send us rain.

Or should we pray to our government’s Humanist Man god?

— Al McCann, Colleyville

Border Patrol critics

My son is a Border Patrol supervisor and I strongly agree that when deadly force is used by agents, timely, appropriate investigation and transparency must be the rule without exception.

However, when considering the 21 unarmed civilians that have been killed by agents since 2010, it should also be noted that in the same time period over 1.5 million illegal persons have been apprehended by the Border Patrol — well over 10 percent of whom were transporting large amounts of illegal narcotics.

Agents are carefully trained to use only the amount of force necessary to prevent bodily harm or death to themselves or others.

Before rushing to judgment, let their critics — especially politicians — spend 24 hours in the field with agents on the dangerous, often rugged and remote, border.

— John Paul Carter,


Looks like war

If Putin needs resources, why doesn’t he just claim that Ukraine has weapons of mass destruction, like we did to invade Iraq and put our oil companies back in business?

I’m sure some of the wealthy in Iraq who had ruffled Saddam’s feathers were more than happy to get help to hang him.

Now Russia is doing the same thing, and we are appalled, but grateful that we will be able to sell our oil and gas to Ukraine.

Looks like war to me.

Let’s let the wealthy duke it out this time instead of sending our kids to do the job.

— Gary B. Hicks, Fort Worth

Paranoia over drones?

In response to the March 27 article, “Woman in a tailspin over the use of drone,” can you say “overreaction?”

I’ll just sit here and continue to shake my head at such paranoia.

— Stacy Forte, Trophy Club

Police disappointment

After hearing about the horrific slaying of Tracy Anderson in Bedford, I felt compelled to comment on the quality of area police departments.

Her murder might have been prevented if area police stepped up their game and took matters involving people with criminal pasts seriously.

Too many of these cases are dismissed and many women end up dead, mistakenly arrested or living in fear.

— Jill Bramblett, Grapevine


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