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Readers comment on Cynthia M. Allen’s Wednesday column, “On campus, women need to protect one another,” on

Yes, women should watch out for one another. But let’s take the argument further, and ask that all friends watch out for each other, male and/or female, which would mean that that they not only watch out for male or female friends who are in danger of being violated, but also for male or female friends in danger of violating. By all means, let’s keep kids on campus sober. But let’s also cultivate a critical mode of thinking that recognizes who is responsible for what, and that makes us all more responsive to each other. Sharon Allen

Excellent. Chris Wolfe

I’ve got a great idea. Don’t get drunk at parties. Don’t get drunk around men you don’t know. Even better, don’t get drunk at all. Stop acting like a loose woman, and perhaps you will protect yourself from abuse. Is common sense completely dead and replaced by this myth that you can act however you wish with no consequences? Lesley Hensell Demond

Our society has always had drunks … women and men … we just had fewer people. Their have always been degenerates … nothing new. Lisa Hornsby