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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): With Russian war games taking place outside troubled Ukraine, Russian planes patrolling the border and a Russian spy ship making a surprise visit to Cuba this week, does anyone think we’re on the brink of another “Cold War”? If so, what should be the United States’ reaction?

Get out of the war we are still in — and stay out of war (mind our own business). Laurie Sargent Parry

Remember when Obama was recorded over an open mic telling the Russian president he would have more “flexibility” after he’s re-elected? Sampson Chappell Guthrie III

Under Obama the U.S. has lost the respect of its enemies and the trust of its allies. Another Cold War isn’t needed as we are being destroyed from within. Jeff Dunlop

What it should be and what it will be are two different things. We do not have an administration capable of taking the actions that should be taken to confront this “sword rattling.” Hank Henning

What actions, other than calling the president a Muslim, would our esteemed conservative commentators suggest? The nearest U.S. bases are in Germany and the Ukraine is in Putin’s backyard. Honest question: What realistic solutions do you suggest? Michael Hathoot

My Youngest son James is in the Ukraine working since the government took over the airports. How is it going to affect the Americans over there trying to come home? Andra Nelson