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Cheers: To The Cowtown Marathon for a great first-time marathon experience. Huge thank you to all the volunteers, spectators, police officers, coordinators and sponsors. If it wasn’t for you, there would be no race to run. You are all awesome! Thank you so much.

— Laura Cox, Keller

Cheers: To Starbucks on South University Drive for donating their day-old pastries to “The House that Love Built,” the Fort Worth Ronald McDonald House. The children and their families have enjoyed over 80,000 Starbucks pastries every morning for over eight years.

— Pam Johndroe, Fort Worth

Jeers: To a well-known west side florist. A beautiful and probably very expensive arrangement was sent to our salon to my co-worker. Upon receiving it she was told by the delivery person, “We do accept tips.” Really? It was Valentine’s Day. This was so rude to expect a woman to tip for her flowers.

— Roxie Dolph, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Eloise Ketchum for dedication to her customers at Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store on University Drive and White Settlement Road. She celebrated her 96th birthday there with friends and fellow employees. What an inspiration to all of us.

— Sandi Wilson, Fort Worth

Jeers: To a major retailer that had an item marked up $14 from its website. Their employee told us the store does not match their own web prices because they want you to shop online. Weird.

— Alexandra Upton, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the people attending Fort Worth Symphony concerts at Bass Hall who constantly text, tweet and make Facebook posts while the concert is going on. Even if your device is on silent, your constant addictive behavior with your device distracts and disturbs others around you.

— Richard Henderson, Aledo

Cheers: To the windows at Eighth Avenue and West Rosedale Street. What a delight to drive down Rosedale and observe beautiful window decorations that have been changing with seasons and holidays. A beautiful touch to Fort Worth. Thank you!

— Paula Brownlee, Fort Worth

Cheers: To HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital on West Lancaster Avenue, which Fort Worth should be proud of. Thanks to everyone on the staff: housekeeping, kitchen and administration. A grateful thanks to nurses, students and PT staff for their dedication to getting me home and back on the road to being myself.

— William Huff, Poolville

Jeers: To a Fort Worth insulation company for mistreating their employees who actually lay the insulation. Just because they are minorities, that does not give the company the right to treat them like dirt. Come on, people, it’s 2014 — show some class and treat your hardworking employees right.

— Yolanda Purnell, Fort Worth

Cheers: To veterinarian W. Gordon Smyth and his incredible compassionate staff at Bowen Road Animal Clinic in Arlington for providing an additional eight quality living years for our yellow lab, Durango, and giving my husband and me those years to make more wonderful memories to remember Durango by.

— Carlos and Aileen Acosta,


Cheers: To the Oncor crews that replaced the leaning utility pole in our back yard. Because of the location, it require exceptional skill and agility. It removed our fears of having a utility pole coming through the roof of our house. It also provided informative entertainment for two afternoons.

— Harold and Nona Moore,


Cheers: And a big thank you to the loving, caring staff at Avalon’s The Willows on Boat Club Road, who took such good care of my mom before she went to be with the Lord. Thank you also to Angel Hands Hospice.

— Vernelle Blue, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the Trinity Railway Express and Reunion Tower for not only having such terrific, helpful and polite employees but also for making everything so smooth and accessible for someone in a wheelchair.

— Rick Frame, Arlington

Jeers: To the KRLD/1080 AM announcer who called the U.S. women’s hockey team miserable for losing to Canada in the Olympic final. They won a silver medal! Disappointing, unlucky, maybe. But miserable?

— Jesse Sowell, Euless

Cheers: To animal control supervisor Alexander and animal control officer Hernandez for care above and beyond the call of duty after our family suffered a tragic loss as the result of a roaming dog.

— Joe Edwards and Caroline Fralia,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the students and staff at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Arlington. They helped sign about 350 Valentine cards that were delivered to the Dallas VA Medical Center and to the USO. These students helped brighten the day of our heroes!

— Renée Trosper-Jones,

Dalworthington Gardens

Jeers: To the “regime” (Obama administration) for wanting to put an observer in all the newsrooms in America. We already have a biased media. What are these idiots thinking?!

— Mike Leinen, Grapevine

Cheers: To Terry Schulte, who witnessed an accident Nov. 13. She was on her way for a doctor’s appointment but saw an 18-wheeler that turned into my vehicle. She and her friend stopped and called 911, then took pictures of the accident. She was truly my guardian angel

— Minnie L. Hodge, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the Fort Worth Fire Department Honor Guard for honoring Pete Hunter. Their presence was comforting to our family and their commitment to duty is astounding. Thanks to Chaplain Ed Stauffer, who conducted the most beautiful service imaginable. He would’ve been so proud and so are we. A brother never forgets.

— Dee Dee Harrington, Weatherford

Cheers: To Danny and Judy at Arlington Medical Supply. They determined what I needed, then Danny brought it to my door. Retail at its user-friendly best.

— John Dycus, Arlington

Jeers: To the Fort Worth officer who directed me to park near the Fort Worth Convention Center. It resulted in me getting a $100 fine. I asked him if I was allowed to park there since it was a Saturday. His reply “yes, your car should fit.”

— Wende O’Neal, Fort Worth

Jeers: To those running for political office who bombard me daily with phone calls from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and clutter my mailbox with advertisements. I’m an informed citizen who votes in every election. Your intrusion won’t affect how I vote.

— Jane Westfall, Mansfield

Cheers: To our Voter ID law. Easiest and most efficient voting I have experienced.

— Joseph Ansley, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Jasmin Mejia. She is a joy to teach. She comes to class at Leonard Middle School with a smile eager to learn each and every day. She is a hard worker. She is very helpful too. Thank you.

— Stuart Sumner, Fort Worth

Jeers: To bumblebees who invade honeybee hives and steal nectar, getting diseases that way. Bumblebees also pick up diseases when they go to flowers after infected honeybees. Bumblebees are nearly twice as big as honeybees, can sting multiple times and don’t produce surplus honey like honeybees. Seal the border!

— Don Woodard Sr., Fort Worth

Jeers: To Mayor Betsy Price, Mark Shelton and all the other politicians with their unrelentless robocalls telling me whom they are endorsing for a certain elective office. I don’t care who you endorse, and I am able to make up my own mind how to vote. A law should be passed to stop these calls.

— Martha Fralia, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Hal Monk for his recent letter. His years of wisdom, and experience have influenced my daily life. I respect his opinions.

— William E. Dean, Fort Worth

Jeers: To NBC for Olympic coverage. Several years ago, by satellite, we watched the Olympics from a Canadian station. Cheers to Jean-Marie De Koninck and others in Canada who know how to adequately produce comprehensive Olympic coverage. Wish I could have viewed Canada’s broadcasts this time.

— J.W. (Jerry) Robbins,

Haltom City

Jeers: To a national home improvement store that allows a plumber to represent them on the Web selling hot water heaters and give out a low-ball price of $745. Later the plumber’s representative at the store tells you the charge for bringing to city code is $1,887.

— Larry H. Calloway, Hurst

Cheers: Well it’s that time again: income tax filing and once again I”m thankful for AARP volunteers assisting people in filing. Kudos to all of them, they are wonderful and will be blessed.

— George J. Anthony, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Betty in Arlington Heights, who saved my dog and me from two charging dogs (one a pit bull) who kept trying to knock me down after I picked up my schnauzer. She screamed and chased them so I could get on her porch.

— Karen Jones, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Dale Hansen for his “Hansen Unplugged” commentary Feb. 10 concerning the reaction by the NFL to Michael Sam’s announcement that Sam is gay. Hansen was exactly correct about what makes the NFL uncomfortable in the locker room and what doesn’t.

— Susan Radde, Hurst

Cheers: To the mother with two little boys who rescued me at the end of my first “guest shopping” at Costco. I couldn’t show proper ID. The Mom paid my tab. When asked about a charity to which I could contribute, she said “missionaries.” I sent $30 to The Carter Center in Atlanta.

— Peggy Meade-Cohen, Fort Worth

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