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Letters: Protect free press; broken English; bridge boondoggle

As a senior citizen I literally had chills down my spine when it came out this week that the FCC was sending monitors in to study newsrooms.

For those who think that Fox News and other conservative media should be controlled, perhaps the next administration may want to study your favorite news outlet. We do have a Constitution to protect a free press. I am hearing little from the news media. Why?

Go back and read what Hitler did before he gained control of Germany and then tried to rule the world. People stood by silently and watched him gain power.

We have been given a precious gift by our ancestors, let us not lose it by standing silently and watching this happen.

— Shawn Linch, Fort Worth

Broken English

Like many others, my grandparents came to this country from Europe.

They did not know the language well, but learned it as did their children and grandchildren. None of us gave up our pride in our grandparents’ cultural heritage.

My grandparents, as many who came to the U.S. in the early 20th Century, understood that part of being American was speaking and reading American English.

Today we fully identify ourselves as Americans first and proficiency in American English is an integral part of that identity.

Perhaps a better approach would have been for the America the Beautiful Super Bowl commercial to play the voices of the various ethnic groups singing America the Beautiful in their own broken English and accents.

This would have been a compelling and moving expression of immigrants who are both ethnically diverse, yet proudly embracing America.

— Frank Roso, Arlington

Bridge boondoggle

The Fort Worth City Council voted last week to spend $6.63 million toward building three bridges for the Trinity River Uptown boondoggle over a channel that doesn’t exist. Total cost of the bridges will be $73.7 million.

In its Saturday editorial the Star-Telegram called that a wise move. But isn’t it really a roll-the-dice gamble?

The cost of the $909 million project is to be borne 50-50 by local taxpayers and the feds. The editorial concluded that the project will be completed unless federal funds dry up altogether.

Aye, there’s the rub.

What if federal funds do dry up? What if a cash-strapped, sequestering Congress reneges on its half like it did with the Waxahachie Superconducting Super Collider? Would taxpayers then be asked to pass a $500 million bond to dig the ditch underneath the bridges?

— Don Woodard Sr., Fort Worth

Equal protection

Once again religion rears its ugly head… or should I say behind?

You can all call it practicing your religion, but if you refuse service for this reason you are still just a bigot.

These arguments have already been deemed wrong by history. You lost the right to segregate, to make people drink from a different fountain and to refuse life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Your religious doctrine is not up for discussion when you use it to refuse what the Constitution allows to all equally.

Equal protection under the law is here to stay.

— Robert Cappa, Bedford

Mayberry USA

While channel surfing recently, from Andy Griffith to political news programs, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in results of Barney Fife’s and President Obama’s programs, especially regarding the Affordable Care Act.

— Don Ponder, Fort Worth


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