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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys 25 years ago for $140 million and caused an immediate uproar by firing legendary coach Tom Landry. The franchise is now worth $2.3 billion. In your opinion, what is the legacy of Jones’ ownership of “America’s team.”

Jerry Jones’ legacy can be summed up in one word. AGGRIVATION! Darrell Bartell

Mastered mediocrity — the tarnishing of a premium brand. Fernando Ospina

He got richer and the Boyz got poorer. Wish he would just go away and maybe we’d be back on the winning track. Joanne Kirtley Kohler Hice

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t existed for years. They were replaced by the Arlington Jerryboys. Lex Jenkins

The fans own the Cowboys! Jerry is just the accountant that nobody likes. Steven Bridges

Jerry Jones has made a lot of money for himself. Meanwhile, the turnpike is named after Landry — the personification of pure class. David Hallum

Hiring Jimmy Johnson, much as us Tom Landry faithful hated it, turned out to be a genius move. Then Jerry’s already huge ego kept ballooning and, other than making money and robbing Arlington of millions, he has been a failure. Nico Van Thyn

It should go down in history that most owners should not make “football” decisions. Jerry can build a financial empire but is ruining a football empire in the process. Gerald Mercer

Legacy? Before parity, he had Johnson to manage the “open-checkbook” policy; since parity, without Johnson? Nada, zip, null set. Plus, had he not fired Johnson, the Cowboys would’ve had an unprecedented, probably never-equaled four Super Bowls in a row. Mike Hinshaw

If the NFL awarded a trophy for the biggest ego, Jones would win every year. And, I am sorry to say that Romo can’t spell super-bowl. Don’t give me his stats, unless you include blown games and mistakes in critical situations. Warren Patrick