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LETTERS: Greg Abbott and Ted Nugent

Greg Abbott seems like a good guy. He is smart, a decent sort and is probably going to be elected governor of Texas rather easily.

So could someone explain to me what he is doing attending political rallies with a man like Ted Nugent?

There is no conceivable way Nugent can deliver one vote that Abbott doesn’t already have.

On the other hand, this gesture will be viewed with disdain and disgust, even by Republican women.

The candidate should have gotten the message about what a joke Nugent is when congressman/comedian Steve Stockman invited the guy to the State of the Union address.

It was interesting to note that Abbott’s staff would not make Nugent available to the media.

Talk about low-hanging fruit.

— Frank Matthews, Fort Worth

OK — granted, I’m not familiar with all the current popular media figures, but who is Ted Nugent?

Does he sing or dance, or just spout vulgar stuff? Why is he so important to Abbott?

It is indeed a sad day when politics is reduced to nasty namecalling. That may be the method of pre-adolescent potty-mouth idiots, but this guy is hanging out with Abbott.

I understand that Nugent made some aspersions about President Obama’s heritage.

Nugent should get his own DNA checked. Perhaps too much Neanderthal?

— Colleen Butterfield,


Wendy Davis again presumes to represent the women of this state. She is quoted as saying that Abbott’s association with Nugent is an “insult to every woman in Texas.”

I am not familiar with Nugent, but Davis’ continual presumption to represent all Texas women is insulting to this woman at least. Not all women admire her nor desire to emulate her life.

Some would say that her trading the noble occupation of being a full-time devoted, caring wife and mother for personal ambition was not a noble decision.

— Elizabeth Powell, Roanoke

If one of our foreign adversaries publicly referred to the president of the United States as a “subhuman mongrel,” I wonder how Greg Abbott would react?

Yet that is the term used by Nugent, whom Abbott invited to speak on his behalf as he campaigns for the governor of Texas.

We covet our freedom of speech, but I find Abbott’s action disgusting, regardless of his politics.

Sorry, Mr. Abbott — “I don’t control his use of words” won’t cut it.

— Dan Smith,

Fort Worth

After the news item about Abbott’s and Nugent’s joint campaign appearance, along with Bud Kennedy’s best-snark-forward column, I anxiously looked forward to an article about Wendy Davis and her fundraising companion Battleground Texas and whether that group violated Texas election laws by collecting phone numbers from voter registration cards.

Alas, crickets.

Oh, yeah — I went to the Tarrant Elections website and found my name, address, precinct number and the location and date I had cast my early vote.

My phone number was not displayed. That’s because it is protected by law.

And it’s that phone number that Battleground Texas is accused of collecting.

— Michael Sexton,

Fort Worth

Thank goodness a Texas Republican finally commented on the horribly crude and racist remarks Nugent hurled at our president.

Gov. Rick Perry should be commended for stepping forward and soundly renouncing Nugent’s unpatriotic behavior.

Calling the nation’s first black president a “subhuman mongrel” is not a laughing matter and is befitting one cloaked in a white sheet.

I hope that all Texas Republican politicians will quit running against President Obama long enough to soundly renounce Nugent.

— Carl V. Flores,



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