Tablet Opinion

Cheers & Jeers

hCheers: To Multi-State Transmissions on Denton Highway. Buddy and his team of mechanics have kept my ’97 car in top running condition for many years. It just hit 201,000 miles and is running like a new car — without new car payments. And thanks for sending e-mail reminders when service is due.

— Mary Phillips, Haltom City

iJeers: To the Arlington Police Department for harassing senior citizens coming out of LA Fitness on Little Road. Issuing major excessive traffic fines to elderly citizens for minor traffic violations does little to help the APD’s public image. APD should be there to serve and protect, not to harass and entrap.

— Randy Lawson, Arlington

hCheers: To Alan Holder for his article on open carry of handguns Feb. 14. Well-stated. I’m all for the right to bear firearms, but to allow open carry is just wrong in today’s society. Why wouldn’t we want to do anything to make this a more peaceful world?

— Patti Gervey, Fort Worth