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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): Rocker Ted Nugent, who campaigned with Attorney General Greg Abbott last week, has called President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel.” He issued an apology in a radio interview Friday, at first saying it was “not necessarily to the president” but later saying it was. Does Abbott deserve blame for comments by his well-known supporter?

Gov. Rick Perry said it right: “Nugent making outrageous comments shouldn’t surprise anyone.” Calling someone “subhuman” is older than [when] Adolf Hitler called the Jews “subhuman.” It is not a racial slur, but an ideology of one race being superior to another race. Eddie Griffin

He is not responsible for what Nugent says, but his choice to campaign with him shows me that Abbott is on the crazy side of conservative, even more than I thought. I think it speaks to his character. And I think it’s disgusting. Katie Martinez

I beg to differ — Natalie Maines (lead singer of Dixie Chicks) was crucified over less inflammatory comments about George W. Bush. And last time I checked she was not a draft dodger, nor a pedophile. It shows a major lapse in judgment for the Abbott team. Leah Price Suasnovar

You are judged by the company you keep. The old saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” still holds true. Unfortunately, the birds of hatred and disrespect for others seem to be happily flocking here in Texas. Pat Perkins

And liberals haven’t said much worse things about conservatives and you don’t say a word about it. Looks like the S-T has a double standard and is following the mainstream media. Tom Green

Ted is catching way too much flak for speaking out against the president and calling him names. It has been done to Bush by the left for the last 15 years without an uproar. That being said, there is a time and place for everything. Maybe he owes Abbott an apology, but that's between him and Mr. Abbott. Paul Keith