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Bud Kennedy: Abbott’s rally suffers from too much Ted

Greg Abbott’s campaign for governor finally boiled down to the basics: God and guns against Wendy Davis and President Barack Obama.

Just in case anyone forgot the guns part, the attorney general brought hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent along Tuesday to talk up “God-given” gun rights and criticize Davis and Obama, whom Nugent has called a “subhuman mongrel.”

Abbott said he has no idea what Nugent, 65, of China Spring, might have said or done in his past, not even last month in that interview in

That makes two of them, since Nugent also seems to have no idea.

Videos of his on- and off-stage comments about Obama, insulting women or calling feminists “fat pigs” are simply all “lies,” he said after introducing Abbott at a campaign stop.

“They’re lies,” he said. “They’re inaccurate.”

Earlier this week, he said his critics are “people who hate our freedom.”

That’s basically what he said Tuesday: Abbott stands for guns and freedom, while Davis’ Democrats, he said, would “destroy everything.”

Abbott didn’t talk about guns but said afterward that’s why he brought Nugent, a maniacal 1970s Detroit rock guitarist and lately co-chairman of Stephenville Republican Sid Miller’s campaign for state agriculture commissioner.

Abbott told reporters that he and Nugent will “expose Sen. Davis’ weaknesses on the Second Amendment and show that in this area and in so many other areas, she represents the liberalism of Barack Obama.”

As a Fort Worth City Council member in 2000, Davis called for requiring background checks at gun shows that rent city facilities. One show had rented some booths for private sales with no checks.

Abbott said Davis is “flipping and flopping on Second Amendment gun laws,” which he called a symbol of liberty.

Then he added a dig.

“Wendy Davis has been more associated with Barack Obama than anybody in the state,” he said, apparently referring to Obama campaigners joining Davis or Democrats’ Battleground Texas effort.

“I don’t think there is anybody in the state that is disliked more than Barack Obama,” Abbott said.

Meanwhile, outside El Guapo’s restaurant, Abbott’s staff was struggling to draw TV cameras away from the talkative Nugent.

To KDFW/Channel 4, Nugent brought up House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, saying Davis’ complaints about him are “disgusting, and Nancy Pelosi agrees because they are dishonest, anti-American people.”

Abbott said he brought up guns to “get Texans to focus on issues that really matter.”

Maybe he did.

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