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Letters: Candidates in March primaries

I’m voting for Ramon Romero for state representative District 90.

State Rep. Lon Burnam has a wrong-headed vision for Texas. For years he’s pushed his bill to create a state income tax. At a candidate forum on Jan. 25 he told us we just didn’t understand the economics. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to see that an income tax would cost Texas businesses jobs and take money off our table.

Lon wants to shield the identities and workplaces of sex offenders. That’s wrong; people deserve to know their kids and wives are safe.

Ramon Romero’s from southeast Fort Worth and Polytechnic High School, made a success of himself and has actually created numerous jobs. He’s already worked for Fort Worth as chair of the Planning Commission and more.

I’m ready for a change. Support Ramon Romero in District 90.

— JT Grant, Fort Worth

The term RINO (Republican In Name Only) fits Andy Cargile to a “T.” He has absolutely no record of involvement with the Tarrant County Republican Party nor Republican clubs in the area. Couple that with the fact that many of his endorsers have previously endorsed Democrat candidates, including Wendy Davis. It is clear they know Cargile is not the conservative he is claiming.

At a recent fundraiser for Cargile, the host was encouraging retired teachers to cross over and influence the Republican primary.

I praise Jonathan Stickland for his fortitude to get his GED certificate and the success he has achieved. Why would a good educator turn to ridicule, as Cargile has?

Incumbent state Rep. Jonathan Stickland is the only conservative in the District 92 race. He has my vote.

— Darl Easton, Euless

As someone who is 99, I have had the pleasure of being friends with many of the former justices of the peace and elected officials. This experience has led me to write this letter of endorsement for the honorable Barbara Nash.

She is a widow and continues to work as a self-employed real estate investor and paralegal. Two of her children are attorneys. Republican Barbara Nash is one of the few people who has served as a state representative, Arlington City Council member and school board trustee.

She has a proven record of leading with integrity and respect. I know without the slightest doubt that Barbara Nash has the knowledge, energy and personality needed for our next elected justice of the peace, Precinct 2.

— Helen Maddox, Arlington

Tarrant County Republican voters should vote for Jesse Nevarez for judge of the 231st District Court. Judge Nevarez has a military and business background. He is an effective, conservative judge.

Nevarez closely follows the law in his rulings and is admired by the attorneys who practice in his court. He was appointed by the governor as the best man for this bench. Voters will not be disappointed in their support of Jesse Nevarez.

— Drew Stasio, Arlington

The recent spate of unfavorable publicity surrounding Wendy Davis is quite disturbing.

This spurious information has made living in a mobile home during difficult times sound degrading. It isn’t. She simply lived there until she was able to find better accommodations for herself and her daughter.

While at Harvard University, she has been portrayed as abandoning her children. Quite the contrary. She sent them back to be with their father when attending school and raising two daughters became more difficult than she had anticipated. She visited them often.

As Kirsten Powers of The Daily Beast recently wrote, “It’s reasonable to assume she made the best decision she could for her children. Which is probably why both of Davis’ daughters are supporting her candidacy.”

I, too, support her candidacy and hope like-minded Texans will join me. That will put paid to the messengers of hate.

— Tony Magoulas, Bedford

I urge you to vote for George Mackey for district attorney of Tarrant County. Having known George for many years, I can assure you of his honesty, integrity, character, experience and knowledge. George has built a reputation of success and leadership.

He is the best-qualified candidate for this office and will represent all the citizens of Tarrant County in providing an ethical DA’s office.

— Wanda Kiser, Hurst

Greg Abbott’s $10 million settlement should indeed be fair game for comment in the election. His subsequent efforts at tort reform preclude similar accident victims being awarded such a bonanza.

Surely this action is of more consequence to voters than details of the personal life of Wendy Davis. The details bear repeating.

— Barbara Z. Green, Fort Worth


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