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Fort Worth Zoo animals on a winning streak

Pancakes the Pig has made her pick.

With no hesitation, the Fort Worth Zoo’s potbellied pig nosed out a winner this week for the Super Bowl game Sunday: the Seattle Seahawks.

Before you grunt at the idea of letting zoo animals pick football games, check out their won-lost record.

In the last four years, the zoo’s stable of football analysts has picked four Super Bowl winners.

Last year’s winning pick for the Baltimore Ravens came only after a Super Bowl-worthy controversy.

Tamba the Warthog strolled to center stage and favored the San Francisco 49ers.

But just like in real life, the zebras came into play.

Zoo zebras Missy and Henry burst into the announcement and took their own look at the decision.

After further review, they declared the Ravens the official zoo favorite.

This year, Pancakes the Pot-Bellied Pig took her first turn as prognosticator.

Weighing in at 94 pounds, 3-year-old Pancakes is a star of the zoo’s outreach programs. A handler walks her on a leash.

Presented with footballs for both the Seahawks and Denver Broncos, Pancakes pranced directly to the Seahawks ball.

Just to double-check, the zoo staff switched the balls and tried again.

Pancakes proved she’s a Seahawks rooter.

For the record, gamblers in Nevada alone will bet more than $100 million on Sunday’s game. Bookmakers have made Denver the favorite.

It’s tough to pick against the Broncos. They have played more games in Fort Worth than any other pro football team, thanks to three 1960s appearances as a visiting team for Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs preseason games at Farrington Field.

But based on the zoo’s record, put your money on the pig.