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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): The Justice Department is encouraging those people convicted under the mandatory sentencing laws involving crack cocaine -- which carried harsher sentences than those convicted for possession and sale of powder cocaine -- to ask the president for clemency. If asked, should President Obama grant their requests, resulting in early release from prison?

Everyone, not just crack people, should be in recovery hospitals rather than jail. We, the people, have a “punishment” problem, not a drug problem. David Perkins

The fact that the Justice Department folks are encouraging it suggests that they already have some kind of green light from the White House. Alan


This way the burden is off the feds and on the states who will have to feed, house and insure them because they won’t find a job anytime soon. Patti Hawk Kitka

Rock vs. powder: they are all cocaine. Difference is in how it’s cut, etc. JC Ramirez

Yes. Crack should have the same sentencing standards as cocaine. Billy Harmon Riddle Jr.

Twenty years for selling crack and probation for killing people; less than five years for messing with kids. Yeah that sounds fair … geez. Laura MzTuffy Nixon

Yes he absolutely should. Even a cursory glance at this law tells one it is wrong, wrong, wrong! As one of the millions of people in this country who has addicts in the family I can tell you firsthand how wrong this law is and how phony this “War on Drugs” is. Tyrees Allen

Why should we bother putting these people in prison at all? It isn’t really their fault that they’re addicted, right? If the drug dealers wouldn’t sell it to them, then they wouldn’t use it. And why should we punish the drug dealers? They’re just businessmen trying to make a profit. Timothy Fish