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LETTERS: Culture & cowboys; Sanders off base; abortion exception

There were two events in Fort Worth last week that made me proud to live here. The Cliburn recital at the new Renzo Piano Pavilion was world-class. The beautifully gowned Olga Kern, her dazzling performance and her modest, gracious spirit will not be forgotten. The Pavilion with the “Renzo Red” seating, the grand Steinway and well-lit, convenient parking is a gift.

Just across West Lancaster Avenue, talents of a different kind were displayed at the legendary Fort Worth Stock Show. Both events add to the richness of our city, each in its own way. Each brings visitors and revenue.

Thanks to people who bring their dreams to reality.

— Loveta Eastes, Benbrook

Sanders off base

The Wednesday column by Bob Ray Sanders, “Two Texas courts deliver just decisions,” is a cop-out. There is no comparison of the two cases, or even close to just decisions.

Sanders belittles Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins for doing his job. That is ridiculous, and there is no justification for his remarks.

The trouble with our judicial system is we have a two-way system. Josh Brent broke the law, not once but twice. He was convicted of DWI once before, and again here in Texas.

This time he was convicted of manslaughter. It is a tragedy his best friend, Jerry Brown, got killed. Even though Brown’s mother forgave Brent, it is no excuse for this man to get probation for 10 years and 180 days in jail.

There are other people who were convicted for the same crime and are sitting in jail right now. In our society today money talks, and those with money who are found guilty walk, with a slap on the hand?

When Sanders writes his next article, maybe he can plead for injustice to those in prison who have been convicted of manslaughter.

— Gaetano Mezza, Fort Worth

Abortion exception

The U.S. House of Representatives recently voted to double down on the Hyde Amendment by voting to ban any funding to healthcare that also provides abortion coverage. Why does abortion get special treatment?

I have family who hold religious objections to war, but their taxpayer money goes to war. People who hold religious objections to pollution have their tax money going to businesses that destroy the environment. Why is abortion so special?

— Katheryn Rogers, Grandview

Greene on Davis

I have long admired Richard Greene and his wife, Sylvia, for their work on behalf of Arlington.

I was disappointed by his weak argument against Wendy Davis in Sunday’s column, “What a Gov. Davis would really mean.” I suspect he was on GOP auto-drive when he wrote the column, what with the obligatory Founders references and how their principles are under attack.

“The Democrats are coming!” he seems to be warning.

I do agree that the Davis campaign fudged on some of the back-story details. I do not agree that it rises to a “concocted” version.

Davis’ back-story and current story are exhaustive: law practice, state senator, Fort Worth City Council, graduated from TCU and Harvard law, community college, mother, wife, daughter and sister.

Any way you spin it, she has my respect. I think, too, she would have the respect of our Founding Fathers and mothers.

— Mary Lochridge, Arlington

Drug war truce

Because it doesn’t look like we’re ever going to win the war on drugs, I think it’s time we sit down and try to negotiate.

We’ll go ahead and let them keep Bieber and Lohan. But they’ve got to give us back Willie.

— Hugh W. Savage, Fort Worth


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