Tablet Opinion

Cheers & Jeers

hCheers: To actor-artist Buck Taylor. He took time at the Stock Show to visit with my son who lost his eyesight last year from a gunshot while driving home from work. Buck was kind to present him a personalized 2014 poster.

— Michael Elliott, Coppell

iJeers: To the news agencies that glamorized the foolish young man riding his bike over the West Seventh Street bridge. Are you going to publish pictures of the dead bodies of the copycats that the reporting has inspired? Life is too precious. Sometimes not reporting the news is more responsible.

— Cary King, Fort Worth

hCheers: To Pets Luv Forever Animal Rescue. We read in the “Come & Get It” that they wanted old appliances and would pick them up. They picked up our old dishwasher the next day as promised, and we felt that it went for a good cause.

— Joanne Downs, Hurst