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LETTERS: Save Post Office; faulting women; rise of Tea Party

The beautiful building on East Lancaster Avenue in downtown Fort Worth should remain a post office. I get a wonderful feeling just ascending the steps. There are not many buildings like this left.

If the U.S. Postal Service insists on closure, make it available to the city of Fort Worth, at a reasonable figure, for a city hall. Going to the one we have, with the basement, does not dignify the city of Fort Worth.

— Mary K. Altaras, Fort Worth

Yellow-dog response

I read Richard Greene’s nauseating opinion about Wendy Davis being elected governor. (See: “What a Gov. Davis would really mean,” Sunday) Since he is simply a yellow-dog Republican who rarely says a good word about any Democrat, I would like to see an opinion by a yellow-dog Democrat. Let’s hear both sides.

Also I would really like to hear about Abbott’s accident, the $10 million he collected, and why he campaigned against lawsuits such as his. What would his governing be like? Voters have a right to know, but he has been strangely silent.

Abbott is crying foul, saying Davis supporters made fun of him in a wheelchair. He was silent when his supporters called her names like “abortion Barbie,” and “too stupid to be governor.” Where was his outrage then?

— Helen L. Martin,


Caring candidate

Having had four children pass through the halls at Trinity High School while Andy Cargile was principal, I am so thankful to see someone as caring and compassionate as Mr. Cargile running for the state representative in District 92.

He has worked tirelessly as a teacher, coach, principal and, former Hurst-Euless-Bedford school board trustee in support of the children of this district. I believe he will bring that same dedication and hard working spirit to Austin on behalf of our citizens.

We have Cargile to thank, in part, for the education our children received. Let’s thank him, in kind, with a vote for Andy Cargile, the next state representative for District 92.

​—Terry V. Smith​,


​Respect for law

If you have ever been in a courtroom, you realize the quality of the presiding judge is essential to ensuring a speedy and fair trial as promised by the U.S. Constitution.

Carey Walker for judge of County Criminal Court No. 2 is the only candidate who possesses the experience, knowledge of criminal law and ethical fortitude to wear the judicial robe. He knows the law, will respect the law and will respect you.

Tarrant County deserves only the best for County Criminal Court No. 2. Vote Carey Walker.

— Kristen Parks, Fort Worth

Faulting women

There is a theme here.

A jury of 10 women and two men sentenced a DWI driver to probation in the death of his friend.

A female judge sentenced a 16-year-old to probation in a DWI crash that killed four.

Thousands of women re-elected the worst president this nation has ever had.

A female secretary of state quits her job, and leaves the Middle East in turmoil. She cannot look after her husband, but wants to run the country.

A female politician whose slogan is “Stand for Wendy” is running against a proven state attorney general (who is in a wheelchair) for governor.

Gentlemen, you have to vote to save your state and country.

— Derek Sidwell, Fort Worth

Rise of Tea Party

Democrats and Republicans hate the Tea Party. Democrats because the Tea Party is conservative and regard the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the foundation of the most prosperous, moral, freedom-loving country the world has ever produced.

The Republicans hate it because the GOP has lost its way and been overtaken by a bunch of weak-willed, lazy, self-serving egotists. They are disgraceful, spineless, useless, rich hypocrites.

Conservatives aren’t leaving the Republican Party; the Republican Party has deserted and betrayed conservatives.

Oh, they talk tough. Speaker of the House John Boehner gives a good speech on how tough the Republicans will be, but then he rolls over and plays dead.

He reminds me of a guard dog who bares his teeth, growls and barks; then wags his tail and lays on his back for you to scratch his belly.

The GOP has no one to blame for the popularity of the Tea Party but themselves. The GOP should change their name to the RINO Party.

— Jim C. Wright, DeSoto


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