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As a chronic shopaholic, I’m in three to five area antique malls every week and the first thought I always have when walking in the font door is: Wow! Look at those great big piles of glass and other breakable stuff. What would happen if there were an earthquake?

So, Star-Telegram reports that, even though I didn’t notice, the area has been “shaken” by more than 30 earthquakes.

Alarmed, I drove to the epicenter, the Azle Antique Mall, expecting to find absolute chaos — knee-deep broken glass. But, instead of helping my friends clean up the mess, several staff members told me that not so much as a teacup had been broken.

— Brian Perkins, Sr., Fort Worth

Ludicrous sentence

In the last few months, there has been two seemingly outrageously inappropriate sentences given to two individuals found guilty of causing the deaths of innocent victims. In the latest case, a Dallas Cowboys football player was given 10 years probation and will only serve time in jail because a judge mandated it .

The jury that handed down this sentence apparently did not give a lot of credence to the fact that this individual is a repeat DWI offender and apparently learned nothing from being put on probation the first time. Add this to the fact that the individual tried to cut off his ankle bracelet while on probation and was suspected of doing drugs while out on bond waiting his second DWI trial, the sentence of probation for 10 years seems ludicrous at best and a cop-out by the jurors.

The sad thing about sentences like these is that it sends the wrong message to the public, and the individuals involved really learn nothing from the crimes committed and deaths they cause. The odds are high that both of these individuals will be involved in future incidents and we can only hope no additional deaths are caused by their actions.

—Jim Nelson, Fort Worth

Davis’ record

As a lifelong Republican, I voted for Richard Greene every time he ran.

I say to him, and all of you people who are afraid of Wendy Davis, you need to do nothing more than look at the bills she has authored since she has been a state senator. Most all of these ended up never making it out of Republican-controlled committees because they had no intention of helping her shining star grow any brighter.

If you choose to look, you will find bills she filed that sought to lower insurance rates, control utility rates, control predatory lending practices, increase education spending, protect equal pay for women, improve veterans’ benefits, improve transparency in government, end cronyism and put more teeth into ethics laws. None called for new taxes or a change in abortion laws.

I find none of these to be “liberal.” They were submitted to the benefit of all Texans, regardless of party affiliation.

Wendy as governor, with a Republican controlled house and senate, would, at least, put some checks and balances back into state government. Over the last decade, legislators have served “Big Money” and special interests to the detriment of the rest of us.

— John T. Johnson, III, Arlington

A man fair to all

Please add our names to the rapidly growing list of supporters for George Mackey as district attorney. It is refreshing to once again have an individual of integrity, ethical behavior and desire to improve the common good of Tarrant County running for this office.

Mackey, with his many years of experience in the practice of law, has demonstrated leadership and sound judgment while serving in private practice and as a prosecutor under the late Tim Curry.

He is a man dedicated to his family, his God and fairness to all. Mackey holds true to conservative values and is a man above reproach. We support him unequivocally.

— Connie W. Call, Bedford

Pro-business rep

The Texas Association of Business (TAB) has thrown its support behind state Rep. Diane Patrick in the 2014 race for District 94. The TAB is the state’s leading employer organization and represents multi-national companies as well as small businesses.

Patrick also received the grade of “A” for her work on behalf of the business community during the recently completed legislative session. Her outstanding pro-business voting record reflects her beliefs of support for tax relief for small business, growing our economy and attracting new business.

The business community of District 94 has a true supporter in Rep. Patrick. A vote for Diane Patrick on March 4 is a vote for our business community. Early voting starts Feb.18.

— Bob Norcross, Arlington


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