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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): Gov. Rick Perry, speaking at an international meeting in Switzerland on Thursday, said he supports laws that “start [Texas] toward a decriminalization” of marijuana, but he would not support legalization. Is he being too liberal on marijuana, or is he being too conservative?

He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth. And [what] is he doing in Switzerland now? I support legalization 100 percent. Katie Martinez

He’s being a politician … There’s a reason he keeps getting re-elected. Pat Perkins

He’s playing the fence and trying to keep all happy. In my opinion a “gateway drug” can be anything if you have an addictive behavior. Wendy Russell

I think it just costs too much money to jail people. The only scary part is that they say marijuana is a gateway drug. So is this ultimately going to increase the use of other drugs? I doubt it, but only time will tell. Gerald Villarreal

I don’t understand how anyone can call themselves a conservative and think that the illogical oppression of personal freedom makes any kind of sense. If you are against the freedom of people to use drugs, you are against liberty. Adam Hipko

There’s no call for having a kid’s life ruined because he got busted with weed, so, yes, I think it’s a step in the right direction. But if you research how it came to be illegal in the first place you might be a bit angry. Jeff Dunlop