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LETTERS: Income equality; Presidential trip; Praise for Bolen

Income equality

In the Jan. 3 column, “Progressives’ stance against income equality,” writer Jay Ambrose managed not only to insult the intelligence of all progressives, liberals, moderates and approximately 65 to 70 percent of the entire population, but revealed his own stance and regrettably that of a large majority of the radical conservative element that now dominates much of the GOP.

While some of what he states might be true, generally speaking the majority of Americans, in all political, social and religious segments, overwhelmingly favor a more equitable division of incomes, as evidenced by polls favoring a rise in the minimum wage.

I will have to give Ambrose credit for leaving no doubt about his disdain for income equality.

— K. D. Boyd, Granbury

Presidential trip

Regarding the Wednesday story, “Obama, pope will meet to discuss plight of poor”: Another shopping trip/sightseeing tour to Europe for the Obama family in the disguise of meeting the pope to discuss poverty and inequality across the developed world.

Guess it’s better than John Kerry giving away billions to each country he visits. Where does it end?

— Dale Zimmerman, Fort Worth

Best state rep

We, the people of Texas House District 92 are extremely fortunate to have Jonathan Stickland representing us in the state legislature. It is refreshing to have a state representative who went to Austin and actually did what he said he would do.

The proof of the pudding is in his legislative voting record. He was ranked the No. 1 most conservative member of the Texas House by a Rice University study. He also received scores of “100 percent,” “A” and “Most Conservative” from numerous conservative organizations including Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Texas Right to Life, National Rifle Association, Young Conservatives of Texas, Texas Conservative Coalition and Texas Eagle Forum.

Jonathan has done an outstanding job representing average taxpaying citizens rather than the local establishment hierarchy. He has stood up for us. It’s now time we stand up for him. Please join me in voting to re-elect State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, House District 92.

— Bob Stewart, Bedford

Praise for Bolen

A little more than 20 years ago, when I was a rookie on the Dallas City Council, I had the honor of meeting Bob Bolen and in my two-plus decades of public service I never met a better role model.

Mayor Bolen was truly a servant leader in ways and venues too numerous to count. He not only loved Fort Worth and constantly championed his home town, but he knew that while we may be regional rivals, we must be national and international allies. Even when our cities were in the midst of legal disputes, Bolen brought people back to the core issue: “When one of us gets a cut, we both bleed.”

No where was his regional commitment more visible than at DFW Airport. Bolen was a key of every working group, committee or task force charged with solving disputes. When we needed regional rail service, he was integral to reaching the very complex agreement which resulted in our Trinity Railway Express.

Through all his years of public service, Mayor Bolen retained his low-key positive attitude, his friendly open demeanor and his absolute integrity in dealing with others. What a rare and special gift this region had in him.

— Donna Halstead, Dallas

King and the coach

The Thursday letters regarding new University of Texas football coach Charlie Strong and Martin Luther King were interesting. Those who really understood Dr. King know that in the world he wanted there would have been no mention of race in the article on Coach Strong. From what I’ve read on the coach, he would have preferred the same.

Sadly the media and the leaders who have replaced King are not about to ever let that happen.

— John Finneran, Granbury


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