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Richard Greene: What a Gov. Davis would really mean

How about we get back to the big picture of what’s at stake with a Wendy Davis victory in November?

The revelation of Wendy’s departure from truth in the accounts of her early life has spread across the country. Does that mean she has lost the media’s adoring obsession with her?

Absolutely not. Watch now as they adopt her campaign strategy to cry foul, blame her opponent and accuse others of dirty tricks.

They aren’t about to give up the best chance they’ve had to turn the state blue since Jimmy Carter.

As soon as they get themselves organized and coordinated, they will see to it that Wendy recovers from the embarrassing revelations that have caused such an upheaval.

The race in Texas really isn’t so much about Wendy as it is about the opportunity she offers to the further spread of big government under the control of Democrats dedicated to undoing the work of our Founders.

It’s about the 38 Texas electoral votes at stake in 2016. Democrats across the land are salivating over the photo opportunities of Gov. Wendy leading Hillary Clinton to victory across Texas.

Hillary has already virtually secured the votes of the other largest states, with the possible exception of Florida.

With Texas in her column, the race is over before it begins.

That’s really all Wendy would be able to do anyhow. As governor of a state with the Legislature dominated by Republicans, she would get nothing she wants to advance her liberal agenda.

She would be working with a Republican lieutenant governor who actually, under our system, has more raw power than the governor anyway.

So, it’s all about blue, and the plan has three main parts.

First, Wendy’s rock stardom has many Texans all excited over her celebrity. Other than cheering her support for destroying life in the womb, many couldn’t say what it is they like about her.

Her campaign is focused on trying to expunge her image as one of the country’s most determined opponents of any effort to limit abortions.

They aim to do that with an emotional story of her rise from hopelessness to national prominence.

After making necessary adjustments to the narrative, it is restated with emphasis on how some have tried to stop her from talking about it.

I keep listening for her to repeat Hillary’s famous outburst — “What difference does it make?”

Heck, a tree fell on her opponent when he was very young, putting him in a wheelchair.

Most would think overcoming such a tragedy would be a greater accomplishment than recovering from living in a trailer for a few months and a couple of divorces.

Notwithstanding getting called out this past week on her concocted version of her “struggles,” her second strategy is the full engagement of the national media — especially the powerful opinion shapers via the television news networks.

None other than a member of the iconic Kennedy family just featured her in a mushy story on NBC’s Today show of what an inspiration Wendy is to the country.

Third is the money. The Obama national fundraising juggernaut from California to New York is and will continue to pour untold record millions into her campaign.

Those four NBC minutes alone saved Wendy from having to buy the time, and it was unconscionably presented as a feature about women overcoming obstacles instead of what it really was, a political ad that couldn’t be bought for any price.

Like I said, it’s all about blue and the persistent determination to carry out Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” the most successful nation on Earth.

Why in the name of freedom would we want to do that?

Richard Greene is a former Arlington mayor and served as an appointee

of President George W. Bush as regional administrator for the

Environmental Protection Agency.