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Readers comment on Cynthia M. Allen’s Thursday column, “Republicans’ new opportunity on healthcare,” at

So nice to see a writer who does her homework. Looking forward to more. Chris Wolfe

Republicans have had nearly four years to offer their own plan. Instead, they have worked to undermine the current law. When is enough enough with you people! Louis Stewart

Here’s an alternative: What was wrong with how it was before? Polls consistently showed that most people by-and-large were just fine with how the comparably best healthcare system in the world was functioning. The idea of universal coverage in a country of 317 million is simply not mathematically possible. And all we can hope for now is that this disaster that is Obamacare wakes up enough people to where it will be a very long time until we give the Democrats the reigns again. Don Allen

I have seen the Republican plan: Work hard; die young. Joe Bowden

Poor Ms. Allen pines for the status quo that included 40 million people who were denied or couldn’t afford insurance. After four years of obstruction and more than 40 attempts to repeal, defund, etc., the R’s will now come up with a plan that will include “fairness, choice and jobs” without regulations. Consolidating her complete lack of understanding, she throws in a comment about no possibility of universal coverage. Not an auspicious start! Franklin Gluck

No matter what the Greedy Oil Party calls the ACA, it beats the Republican I DON’T CARE Plan. Stop trying to bring life to a dead horse and do something about jobs, Republcan Party! Bill Davis

GOP: “We have a plan, a great plan, a credible alternative to Obamacare, one that will focus on jobs, fairness and freedom! The details? Oh, that’s a secret. We have a plan, a great plan, a ...” Herman Torres