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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): A nonpartisan presidential commission has urged states to increase online registration, early balloting and update voting machines along with other measures to make the voting process easier. Gov. Rick Perry emphasized that voting arrangements remain the purview of the states. Is there anything to fear in this?

Some states have cut to weekday “business hours” early voting over one week, and that deprives many working people of the opportunity to vote. And, making a voter registration card moot as a form of legal ID when in-person fraudulent voting does not exist. Gary R. Kromer

Early voting is not necessary, and I believe there are laws requiring your employer to allow you time to vote if you are working the entire time the polls are open. Ron Glover

States should be able to control some aspects of elections, but not to the point of refusing to allow some people to vote, or make it more difficult for people to vote. The only reason a governor would want to disenfranchise a group of voters is the governor thought those people would vote against him or her. Bill Reedy

Oh those liberals. They claim its too oppressive for voters to present a valid ID at the polls. But owning a computer with Internet access? Dude, anyone can do that! David Hallum

Of course it is something to worry about. If states like Texas and politicians like Perry had their way, every constitutional amendment after the Tenth Amendment would go away. Any amendment that gives women, minorities or poor people equal protection would just go away. Steve Keck

Yeah, just like they did during Jim Crow. Lisa Reed