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LETTERS: Save post office; Conservative mind; Don’t forget soldier

To the folks in Azle: Were you really surprised when you got no action from the Texas Railroad Commission at your meeting. As long as the Republicans are in charge in Austin and are in the back pocket of big business and the big gas and oil companies, this is the result.

— David Compton, Arlington

Save post office

A recent article about saving the downtown post office dated the building’s construction to 1933. (See: Downtown post office may soon be for sale,” Jan. 3) The picture included is of the plaque honoring Confederate veterans.

The plaque was the brainchild of Rosa Meador Pulliam, my great-grandmother and my children’s great-great-grandmother. Rosa traveled to Washington, D.C., and obtained consent from postal officials to place a plaque in the Fort Worth building.

It is the only plaque honoring Confederate veterans in a U.S. public building. As such, the building and the plaque should be declared “historic,” allowing the plaque to share the honored place it deserves. Rosa’s granddaughter, Ruth Helm, designed the plaque.

— Wilma Helm, Fort Worth

See the light

Thank you for your article on fluorescent/incandescent light bulbs. (See: “Unwilling to make the switch, shoppers stockpile old bulbs,” Jan. 2) The new lights put out a light that is as irritating as the halogen lights on automobiles.

I have 32 can lights in my home which are 18 years old, and have replaced only one can light and three 30-, 70-, 100-watt light bulbs. I don’t see the problem with the old bulbs, and the new ones are dangerous if they break.

I only bought one of the new ones and it lasted six months. What’s wrong with our government?

— Joan Test, Granbury

Don’t forget soldier

We try to keep up with all the major news, but it came as a complete shock to learn that an American soldier has been held captive by the Taliban since 2009. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was captured on June 30, 2009. (See: “New video received of captured U.S. soldier,” Jan. 16)

The circumstances of his disappearance are unclear, but what is clear is that one of our own has been subject to certainly unspeakable horrors for more than four years and we must do all things possible to bring him back home. Bergdahl’s parents have initiated a petition on to remind Congress that the American public has not forgotten about Bowe and that we want his safe return. Please help get the word out and let your voice be heard by your representatives.

He deserves to be rescued or released from his captors. Bergdahl has put his life on the line for all of us, that we may maintain our way of life, and he tried to make the world a safer place. He must not be forgotten. Please help bring him home safely.

— Nick and Maggie Camperlengo


Conservative mind

Most conservatives I have seen are fairly well off, and they think like this:

Well, Mr. Conservative, why not get rid of all public amenities and just let God handle it all. Surely, He would see to it that we all are safe and sound.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s why a group of us started this great nation in the first place — to escape from the conservatives.

— Gary B. Hicks, Fort Worth

Back to wild west

The gun control people want to return to a time like the 1870s when anyone could “pack a gun.” Yet, over time every city and state passed gun control legislation to prevent that. This was done to reduce gun violence.

Why do we think if we went back to that policy, there would not be the same high level of gun violence? Let’s move forward, not backward.

— Dick Lord, Arlington


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