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LETTERS: Forget coach’s color; Why King holiday?; Confederate heroes

I am fed up with newspapers, television, sports anchors and all the rest for stating that Charlie Strong is the first African American to coach at the University of Texas.

I don’t care what color he is. If you look you can see he is not white, or anything else. Go for it, Coach Strong. You have my vote.

He is a good person and expects the best and good morals for his players. I wish him well.

— Jack Duff, Westworth Village

Voting tactic

Anyone who votes a straight-party ticket in a national election is partially to blame for our dysfunctional government.

Both major parties are rife with legislators who couldn’t care less about unemployment compensation, integration or any other of our nation’s problems. They’re concerned only about getting re-elected.

It is difficult to identify those in Congress who serve the people. However, unless a two- or more-term incumbent has demonstrated — by action, not spin or rhetoric — concern for the public good, he/she should be voted out.

Such a tactic, employed in the absence of term limits, may require occasionally voting for a virtual unknown, to which I say: Government could hardly be worse.

— Don Ponder, Fort Worth

A park, not a dump

The Keller yard waste site is now a county dump. Although advertised as a place to dispose of “green yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, branches, stable matter and brush for free,” we witnessed 10 vehicles, including trailers, trucks, and a U-Haul, simultaneously unloading trees and garbage bags filled with who-knows-what.

In addition to yard waste, there were “illegal” piles of logs and mounds and mounds of potentially toxic road waste gravel. Piles of broken concrete slabs were mounded high. Hundreds of unexamined garbage bags were strewn about.

Even though millions of tax dollars have been collected from northeast Keller, elected city officials’ payback is a potentially hazardous dump in the middle of surrounding neighborhoods.

Yard waste brought to our Sports Park is turned into needed mulch. The rest should go to landfill. If the yard waste site is supposed to be a park, then let’s build something Keller can be proud of — a park with nature trails and safe biking paths.Northeast Keller needs its first park, not a county dump.

— Tom Calfee, Keller

Why a King holiday?

With all the hoopla over the Martin Luther King holiday celebration, I think MLK would not be pleased with a couple of items.

First, King would not be happy that some states, such as Arizona were coerced into making the third Monday of January a holiday.

Second, he would not be pleased that the holidays commemorating the births of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were combined into one day, Presidents’ Day.

Is King greater than these two presidents? I think Dr. King would say no. Perhaps a “Civil Rights Day” honoring all who contribute to this cause would get MLK’s approval.

— Jay V. Beavers, Granbury

Southern heroes

Unless I overlooked it, the Star-Telegram failed to mention that Sunday, Jan. 19, Confederate Heroes Day, was a Texas state holiday. If it was published and I failed to notice it, please disregard this e-mail.

If it wasn’t published, was it due to an oversight, history revisionism or political correctness?

No matter which one was the reason in failing to publish notice of a state holiday in the paper, it speaks poorly of the Star-Telegram staff.

If one state holiday is recognized by the newspaper, then all state holidays should be recognized.

Senate Bill 60 in the regular session of the 63rd Legislature, approved June 1, 1973, and Effective August 27, 1973, made Jan. 19 a holiday. This bill deleted June 3 as a holiday for Jefferson Davis’ birthday and combined the two into Confederate Heroes Day. (

— Omar Franklin,

Fort Worth


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