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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): State Sen. Wendy Davis, a Democrat running for governor, has been getting heat this week for emphasizing some details about her life but not others as she seeks to get voters on her side. Is this typical political campaigning or a sinister trick on voters?

Sick of slick politicians and their lies, especially the ones who have no regard for human life, no moral standards or values. She wasn’t even a mother to her own kids. She will not be getting my vote. Karin Rose

It’s being used by Republicans on Wendy because she’s a woman. Roy Conner

The difference in this and resumé enhancement is that in the case of the resumé, you are trying to highlight the positives, not change facts. In Davis’ case, she embellished the negatives in order to play on the sympathies of the ignorant. Ron Glover

All you have to do is read Obama’s book to see it’s the norm in politics today. Trust me, if the press investigated [Greg] Abbott as critically, they would find plenty of the same. Sampson Chappell Guthrie III

Just like almost every politician, she lied and it came back on her. Call her out on her lies, regardless of what side she is on. JC Ramirez

She is not lying. She was a teenage single mother living in a mobile home and through hard work eventually graduated from Harvard. Amy Reyes

Typical. For instance, Rafael Cruz will never discuss his father from Cuba fighting with Castro or his father being imprisoned there. Tena Clark Faruque

Running for office is no different than online dating. If you’re gonna be successful at it, the last thing you want to be is totally honest. Hugh Savage