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LETTERS: Davis’ true story; Greene on Christie; Jobless benefits

So now that the true story on Wendy Davis has come out, after the glossy picture fed by her Obama team. What else is there to know about her past? Will it be glossed over like President Obama’s or will it be scrutinized thoroughly like the press did President Bush?

I guess it depends which party she carries the banner for. I see her ties to Obama were increased this week to run her campaign. Elect her and Texas will get a government like those in the state of New York, which I fled 43 years ago. A confused government, like the federal government is currently under the Democrats.

Make the right choice this November for a government like we have in Texas now to help keep us free from the so-called intellectuals of the northeast and Washington, D.C. Keep us out of the Obama and Clinton world — free to live and free to be what America should be as our forefathers wanted in 1776: a sound economy with jobs, not permanent handouts.

— Robert Mehalick, Sr., Arlington

Greene on Christie

Richard Greene’s Sunday column that the liberal media is out to get Gov. Christie due to the New Jersey bridge scandal has become a tiresome cliche. (See: “Will leftist national media help save Chris Christie?”

When in doubt, blame media bias. Those mean old liberals at it again. Throw in a few red herrings by bemoaning the lack of coverage given to the Obama administration’s misadventures; and then polish it off with claims that the national media simply bow down to some cloudy big government agenda.

Were Mr. Greene merely a disgruntled letter-to-the-editor writer (like myself), it would be easy to dismiss his rant. But he is a paid columnist for the Star-Telegram. Consequently, we readers deserve more thought and analysis from a professional than childish finger-pointing and whining about unfairness.

— Michael Putnam, Fort Worth

Jobless benefits

I applaud the Star-Telegram for hiring a right-leaning journalist who tells it like it is. Cynthia M. Allen’s Jan. 16 column hit the nail on the head. (See: “The morality of extending U.S. jobless benefits,” Thursday)

Unemployment benefits are necessary to many people for a limited time, but unlimited continuation only serves as an “enabling” factor and promotes fraud. I know two people who are receiving benefits currently. One has no intention of ever re-entering the workforce and the other is not seeking work but likes to brag about the check he receives each month.

The folks on the left don’t seem to realize those checks are coming from our pockets.

— Jerrell Robbins,

Haltom City

State’s role

The state of Texas has assumed the role of “head of the household’ for the Munoz family. The question for me is, will they also assume financial responsibility for their decision. (See: “JPS sued over life-support law,” Jan. 15) Does anyone believe an insurance company would approve a claim for life-sustaining treatment of a dead person?

If this baby is delivered and requires long-term special medical care, does the state assume this financial cost or does the state get to make this family’s decisions and Mr. Munoz gets to pay for them?

This is a decision none of us would want to face. But if it must be faced, it should be decided by the people that have to live daily with the results of the decision.

— Nancy Reynolds,



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