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The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): China has landed a craft on the moon, complete with a rover to conduct scientific experiments. That country has plans for an aggressive space program, including manned missions. Any chance China will surpass the USA in space exploration?

Since the current administration closed the space program, they can pretty much surpass us with a model rocket. Bill Tyler

As long as I’m not paying to fund these space stunts, I don’t care who wastes billions of dollars flying to the moon. Bill Watson

They have a rover on the moon. We have one on Mars. Dan Jenkins

While our space fleet sits in museums and tourist places. Alfred P Gallegos

Privatization seems to be working quite well with the space shuttle. And someone is planning a manned trip to Mars. Let the free market work for a change. Dan Mustarde

They have so much of our money, both from what we buy from them and what we send to them, they can afford it while we can’t. Connie B Moulder

Establishing a foothold in a hostile environment like space requires innovation to the n-th degree. Totalitarian regimes like China’s inhibit free thinking, a crucial element to innovation. The US is still the leader in freedom of thought. Joel D. Downs

When they put a man on the moon I’ll pay attention. Until then they are just shooting up pricey bottle rockets. Mike Towle