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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): After gaffes by a few Republican candidates, Speaker of the House John Boehner said some in his party are not as sensitive as they should be when running against women. Congressional aides are being taught what to tell their bosses to say when they’re campaigning against a female opponent. Is this a good thing for the GOP?

If you have to be “taught” to not be an ignorant pig, you probably don’t have any business being in office. I’m not pointing fingers at any one person or even party. I’m just sayin’. Ryan Hague

It is neither good nor bad. It is something to be expected in politics. What would actually be good though is if they could be taught to actually be sensitive toward women and women’s issues. Bill Robinson

If they aren’t intelligent enough to know, they don’t need to be in office! Angela Cowan-Groves

If people ran on the issues and not on personal attacks, this would not be a problem. The problem the GOP has is that no one would vote for them if they ran on their platform so they are forced to go negative and they never really listen to women so they have no idea what insults them. Bill Reedy

What do you consider “women’s issues”? And are there any “men’s issues” that female candidates should be more sensitive to? Ron Glover

Democrats never make gaffes, or maybe we just never hear about them. Alfred P. Gallegos

Proof that regardless of anything Gloria Steinem ever said, women don’t want to be treated like men — not really. David Hallum