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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers: Events marking the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination in Dallas will soon be over. What have we learned from them? Do we do this again for future anniversaries?

NO. For heaven’s sake, give it a rest. So tired of this being dragged out year after year after year. There are other important episodes in American and Texas history, too. Let’s pay attention to some of them. And stop with the “Dallas did it” guilt. A communist killed Kennedy — not a conservative. Lesley Hensell Demond

I am not sure we have learned much, if anything. Evil people still exist and sometimes they just can’t be stopped. As for the observances going on today — the TV specials, etc. — I am very interested in those. Our fascination with the JFK era is strong because we don’t know what could have been. Rebecca C. de Baca

We learned that the Dallas street crew knows nothing about timing. It should only be done on milestone anniversaries. Derek Lee Snow

Nothing. We fail to learn from history. That’s why history is taught by coaches in high school. It is an afterthought. Shane Hardin

Absolutely. Marking anniversaries is great for conspiracy theory book sales. In fact, we ought to acknowledge Julius Caesar every Ides of March. Then somebody can make a million claiming that Brutus was actually a member of the Tea Party. Hugh Savage