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A noble invocation for JFK’s visit

I have seen videotape of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce breakfast to honor President John F. Kennedy on the morning of Nov. 22, 1963.

The Texas Boys Choir sang The Eyes of Texas are Upon You and Kennedy smiled and applauded.

The invocation was given by the Rev. Monsignor Vincent J. Wolf, who said: “Oh, eternal God, father of these United States of America, ....we are a beacon of hope and a shrine of liberty and justice for all. Our Founding Fathers proclaimed ‘the Creator.’ ... Assist our president of the United States that his administration will be useful and fruitful for the common good of thy people over whom he presides.”

The monsignor gave thanks for the food that “nourishes our bodies, the temples of our souls.”

“May we, with him be thine instruments in establishing a divine harmony in the world ... and give glory to God in the highest and on Earth — peace.”

A most noble invocation. Americans in 2013 can be instruments in fulfilling JFK’s goals for peace for the world and exerting positive advancements for the nation.

— James A. Marples, Longview

Words have power

A Nov. 14 story was headlined “Homeless man arrested in church-scam case.”

I could find nothing that indicated his lack of housing had anything to do with criminal activity.

Two stories placed above that one also were about criminal activity and neither mentioned the housing situations of the people concerned.

If the Star-Telegram is to be consistent in its reporting, it should mention a person’s housing (or lack of) only if it is pertinent to the case.

As a person who was once homeless, I know that the vast majority of people who have been in this situation are law-abiding citizens doing the best they can in frightening circumstances.

Most are afraid of being victimized themselves. Articles like this perpetuate the image that the homeless are bad people who should be feared. In reality, they are also residents of this great city and deserve all the respect of any other citizen.

Please know that your words have power. Please use them wisely.

— James Tapscott, Fort Worth

Government sunshine

The Tarrant Regional Water District will pay an expert a reported $350 an hour to help it resolve open-government issues. (See Wednesday story “Tarrant water district hires expert on ethics.”)

Ah, the high price of governmental sunshine.

— Roger Summers, Arlington

Is Earth unique?

Are we all alone? Mars, we are now told, was once teeming with rivers and lakes, so it could have sustained life. Though it was so long ago we would never know.

More than that, there are all sorts of planets in the universe, some of which surely have similar capacity for life. Though so far away that we would never know.

Why this push to deny the uniqueness of Earth? Could it be that evolution becomes less credible if life exists on only one planet in the vast universe? Would we have to accept a biblical creator instead?

— Thomas F. Harkins Jr.,

Fort Worth

Worthless promises

President Obama promised that U.S. troops would withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. Now we’re told that U.S and Afghan negotiators agreed on a deal to allow U.S troops to remain beyond a 2014 deadline.

How many more combat tours will we force on our volunteer military before we reinstate the draft? Many of them have already deployed five or more times to the Middle East.

My son has been to Iraq three times, Afghanistan twice, and has orders for Afghanistan in February. He has served 15 years in the Army. At his current rate of deployments, he could serve eight combat tours by the time he has his 20 years.

I can’t recall any period when we demanded that our troops put their lives on the line so many times. Our military and their families have sacrificed more than enough these past 12 years. They deserve some rest and peace.

Obama promised to have our troops out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014 and has again proved that his promises are worthless.

— Mark Stewart, Crowley


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