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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): A study featured at an American Heart Association conference on Tuesday shows that children today are significantly less physically fit than their parents were at comparable ages. Is this a problem of kids being lazy or parents who don’t push them?

Kids today are pretty much like kids have always been. They’ll be lazy if you let them, but they’ll be very active if you encourage them. In looking at the general problem, I think we have to say that it is the parents’ fault. Timothy Fish

More, and better, video games, are a major contributor! David Staine

Kids want video games, phones, computers, etc., now instead of footballs, bikes and toys.

Roxanne Buchanan

I think the problem is more related to diet and the fact that the cheapest and most convenient foods are basically poison. Putting the blame on video games and TV gets us nowhere. We aren’t the only country in the world that enjoys TV and games, but we are the fattest by far.

Preston Butler

A large part of the problem is the long school day and excessive amount of homework that comes home each night. And the school won’t make enough time for recess and/or PE during the day because they’re so focused on testing results.

Angela Vazquez Sandoval

In my opinion, it is more that the parents’ work long hours and by the time they pick the kids up in the evening it is dark and too late for exercise. Genny Scoggin

Duh! It’s lazy kids and parents and schools that no longer have PE, and organized sports that charge an arm and a leg to play. Ray Gleaves