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LBJ’s oath of office

Thanks for the outstanding work on the Sunday special section, “JFK 50 Years Later.” I read every word and applaud your efforts.

Unfortunately, you gave credit to Deputy Attorney General Nick Katzenbach for dictating the oath of office to Lyndon Johnson.

Actually, Katzenbach was in Washington at the time of the assassination. He was consulted regarding the oath after several Dallas attorneys had been asked for a copy. Katzenbach communicated the oath by phone to Jack Valenti, a Johnson aide.

The person who should have been credited in the article and photograph was my friend, the late U.S. District Judge Sarah T. Hughes. It was Judge Hughes’ voice actually reciting and administering the oath of office to President Johnson.

Though Johnson and Hughes were friends, she humbly admitted that Johnson was not happy with other judges here.

She was a remarkable jurist and I was fortunate as a young college graduate to lunch with her on occasion at the Blue Front German Restaurant in downtown Dallas, one of her favorites.

She made a profound impact on my life as well as on many others. Judge Hughes cannot be forgotten in her key role and contribution to the stability of our democratic system.

— John Humphreys, Arlington

Satisfying the rich?

Why would Gov. Rick Perry turn down healthcare that would benefit so many people that are in poor health and some in extreme pain?

Is it because he has to satisfy all of the rich Republicans?

We are all human and not all of us can be rich. I’m not so sure I want to be rich if it changes my human nature.

— Linda Tillman, Arlington

Hear for yourself

About 30 miles separate the two music critics who wrote about the Fort Worth Symphony last weekend and a greater distance separates their reviews.

One, Olin Chism of the Star-Telegram, choose to review the symphony’s concert on a positive note, educating and enlightening the reader. The other, Scott Cantrell of The Dallas Morning News, chose to be negative.

Please, concert attendees, do not let the critics decide for you whether you attend a concert. Their views do not necessarily represent the views of the majority of people.

Fort Worth has a great symphony orchestra, a fantastic concert hall, Bass Hall, and we are offered wonderful concerts full of education and musical experiences. Whether you are a subscriber or not, please attend a concert and hear for yourself.

— Marlene Harris, Fort Worth

Twisted concept

I always choke up when I see a letter by David Perkins, who has a twistedconcept of our Constitution.

In his Nov. 13 letter, “Intimidation politics,” he tried to take the side of an anti-gun group by deriding those in support of the Second Amendment who demonstrated some distance outside the gun-control group’s meeting by legally carrying their firearms.

Perkins neither understands our representative political process, which has kept Texas one of the freest and most productive states, nor the stark difference between his fearful citing of the Ku Klux Klan and those who publicly show support for their constitutional rights.

It appears obvious that Perkins would advance the rights of some citizens at the direct loss of the rights of others.

— Richard M. Holbrook,


Cruz or Obama?

Stacy Forte’s Sunday letter (“Narcissistic Cruz”) claiming that Sen. Ted Cruz exemplifies nothing but narcissism and apparently doesn’t listen to the American people makes one wonder if she was not confusing Cruz with President Obama.

— Paul Gabel, Fort Worth

Pitch Black Friday

Corporate greed is certainly ruining a great holiday.

For those who have to work Thanksgiving night at the big chain stores, how thankful can you be about missing time with friends and family?

Black Friday should be renamed Pitch Black Friday for those who will be manning the cash registers at 2 a.m.

With that in mind, my early Christmas present to all of you working retail is to stay at home and pray that everyone else will do the same.

— Mark Metroka, Fort Worth


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