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Letters: Not honoring Columbus; gender identity; blame for Vietnam

Last month our country observed Columbus Day. However, I believe we are wrong to idolize Christopher Columbus as a national hero.

He enslaved almost all the natives he came in contact with and was absolutely brutal. His only motives were riches and glory.

Schools teach that he discovered America, yet he never set foot in the land we call the United States.

He explored the Caribbean and wasn’t even the first European in the Americas. He was also a criminal arrested by the Spanish on his third voyage.

Because of these points, I believe that, at the very least, our education system should change what the students learn about Columbus.

We should teach that Columbus helped open up the Americas for exploration, not discovered America. People need to be more educated about Columbus and his greed, brutality and arrest.

The country should be informed.

— Stella Finley, 7th grade,

Fort Worth Country Day School,

Fort Worth

Paying to tango

Regarding Wednesday’s column by Michael Hiltzik, “Why men should pay for maternity coverage”: The first reason stipulated was, “It takes two to tango.”

Well, I’m 82, and I couldn’t tango if I wanted to.

Why should I pay for somebody else’s tango?

What happened to taking responsibility for your own actions? Should I have to pay the consequences, and shouldn’t you think more about the act before doing it?

The writer also says society has a vested interest in healthy mothers.

The healthy woman is individually responsible for keeping herself healthy.

He then says, “Universal coverage is the only way … ” Again, this 82-year-old man doesn’t live in communist China.

The article was in full support of socialized medicine and was completely absent of individual responsibility.

— J. S. Smith, Arlington

Gender identity

A Saturday story reveals how unrealistic and ridiculous our culture has become (see: “Transgender student’s photo in tuxedo approved”).

A South Texas student named Jeydon wants to appear in masculine clothes for the school yearbook. The school objected, stating that to let a girl appear as a boy “goes against the community standards.”

However, the mother took the matter to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the school was forced to alter its policy. Even the newspaper calls Jeydon a boy.

I know, you know, and everyone knows that calling ourselves a boy doesn’t make us a boy. It is totally unrealistic.

Suppose a child feels and acts like a monkey. That doesn’t make her a monkey.

What does God say? He made males to be males and females to be females. Let’s acknowledge the truth and stop fooling ourselves.

Transgenderism offends society, the world and especially God.

— Richard Hollerman, Fort Worth

Dems’ role in Vietnam

It’s understandable that admirers of JFK want to deflect responsibility for the Vietnam war to President Eisenhower, but it just isn’t so.

Eisenhower did support the French and he did provide military aid and training to what was then South Vietnam. But we had Military Assistance Groups (MAGs) in many countries providing the same military support as we provided Vietnam.

It was President Kennedy who introduced combat troops into Vietnam. It was the Kennedy administration that aided the overthrow and murder of South Vietnam President Ngô Đình Diệm. It was President Johnson who expanded the war based on a phony Gulf of Tonkin incident, and it was President Nixon who ended the war.

Democrats need to suck it up and admit to at least a few of their failings. President Bush (43) and Republicans are not responsible for Democrat screwups.

— Clyde Picht, Fort Worth

Why act surprised?

If you voted for someone who refused to vote many times when he was a state senator, has very weak leadership skills, refuses to negotiate and is weak in character, what would you expect?

Every medical professional I know does not like Obamacare. They said just wait two or three years — you won’t be able to get an appointment with a “good doctor.”

Watch out — sometimes you get what you voted for.

— Pat Adkins, Euless


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