Tablet Opinion

Cheers and Jeers

hCheers: To Ana Veciana-Suarez's article about shopping on Thanksgiving. I, too, refuse to shop on a day I look forward to sharing with family and friends. I feel sad for those who want to forgo that special time. Saving a few dollars against spending time with loved ones makes no sense to me. Retailers, leave Thanksgiving Day alone!

— Debra Goad, Keller, Keller

iJeers: To the armed gun-rights group that demonstrated at an Arlington restaurant to protest the meeting of a few mothers seeking tougher gun laws. And jeers to the state of Texas that would allow these bullies armed with shotguns, rifles and military-style assault weapons to terrorize Texas citizens and businesses.

— Sharon Austry, Fort Worth

hCheers: To Fossil Hill Middle School for their presentation of The King and I. The presentation was outstanding with all participants playing their parts in a most professional manner. My commendation goes especially to the drama teacher whose professionalism and love for the arts and these children clearly shows through.

— Charles Kelly, Weatherford