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A welcome for Obama?

I commend the Fort Worth Public Library for presenting an outstanding program Friday night featuring Bob Schieffer speaking about John F. Kennedy and his fateful Texas trip.

Schieffer commented that he thought Dallas got a “bum rap” by taking the blame all these years as the city that assassinated Kennedy. He described Oswald as a loner, a transient, a deranged man who bounced around from place to place and was not a product of Texas. He just unfortunately ended up in Dallas on that day 50 years ago.

However, as I listened, I wondered if the leaders of Fort Worth, and citizens from both parties, would go all out to put on the same type of Texas welcome, as they did for JFK in 1963, if President Obama were to visit today.

— Debby Jennings, Fort Worth

Immigration reform

As a member of Good Shepherd Catholic Community’s Social Justice Committee, I thank Mike Norman for urging the U.S. House of Representatives to reform our unjust immigration policy without delay (See: “Bishops take a stern tone on immigration,” Nov. 7). The U.S. Catholic Bishops support comprehensive immigration reform, including border security. Pope Francis and many other religious and business leaders support such reforms.

What’s the rush?

Texans believe in justice, being good neighbors, and action.

We ask all Texans to go to the U.S. Bishops website on immigration ( and support our religious leaders.

What is keeping you from being a good neighbor to our immigrants?

Act for justice and fairness.

— Robert J. Torres, Colleyville

Get the ID

This never ending debate about voter ID is really getting old. Now the debate is whether it is a “privilege” or a “right” to vote.

Who cares?

“We the people” have a right to know that the people voting are who they say they are.

Get an ID and quit complaining! The more you complain, the more skeptical “we the people” are about why it’s such an imposition.

— Jay Trees, Trophy Club


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